SONOFF S40 Lite 15A Zigbee smart plug - Anyone use these?

Thank you for the response. I appreciate your reply and ordered them. The price is right and hopefully they will work just fine.

Got one paired up and it works. You just have to manually change the driver to "Generic Zigbee Outlet".

@gopher.ny who gets fingerprints? This is a Sonoff S40ZBTPB Lite. On/Off only, not power reporting. Generic driver seems to work fine. Aka S40LITE

fingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,FC57,FCA0", outClusters:"0019", model:"S40LITE", manufacturer:"SONOFF" 
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That would be @bcopeland or @mike.maxwell.

Thank you jtp10181. I appreciate the update and look forward to trying them.

I am a rookie with Zigbee so this might be normal. But I paired both near my PC and then moved to their locations. First one worked fine. Second one, presumably while it was booting up I clicked the button on the side. After that it was not talking to the hub. Did pairing again and it rejoined to the same device and started working again. So let it finish booting and flashing before you mess with it.

I can't comment specifically on the S40 but after my experiences with the S31 Zigbee I would be very cautious. The S31 Zigbee routing was very poor, had short range and weak signals. Some of my experiences are documented here. I bought an XBEE so I could diagnose the issue so it's not just a wild guess or unsubstantiated assumption.

S40 might be better but who knows.

Eventually I got rid of all my Zigbee S31's and replaced them with two of these.

My mesh is so much more stable with better range and signal strength and equally importantly only one instance of a device dropoff in the past two months. Previously it had been happening daily.

FYI I still use the S31 WiFi versions as I like the power monitoring and they are less than $10 on Amazon. Because they are WiFi they have a very good range. You can find a driver for them here [RELEASE] Tasmota Sync - Native and Real-time Synchronization between Hubitat and Tasmota 11 or later but you still need to flash them with Tasmota first.

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A little more expensive but a known high quality and good repeater.

Centralite Zigbee Smart Plug (Works with SmartThings, Hubitat, Ezlo, and Vera platforms)

Thanks for the tip. I picked up a 4 pack. They paired instantly, just had to select Generic Zigbee Outlet per the OPs comment. Zigbee logs show LQI of 255 on all of them. So far so good!

That's great to hear. I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered. I live in Puerto Vallarta and it takes a while for items to ship here.

Update: I've now had 6 of these running for a week now. All seems well as far as I can tell. LQI is still at 255 for all of them. Fast and responsive. Replaced my last 3 Peanut plugs with these. This is on a C5 with 100+ other things on it (variations of Zigbee, Z-Wave, custom drivers/apps, etc)

They automatically connected for me, but I had to change the device type to "Generic Zigbee Outlet" (as suggested in this thread), save and configure before they actually started working

I added a bunch of these to my house trying to strengthen my mesh because the price was so good on Amazon. Has anyone noticed them going into a weird “disconnected” state where the green light blinks as if it can’t talk to the hub?

I can get the green light to be solid again simply by hitting “refresh” in Hubitat or by toggling power on and off. They respond immediately even when in the green blinking light state. It’s weird.

I’m not sure how to debug further to really see if they are dropping out of the mesh when they go into this blinking green light state.

I’m thinking about writing a little automation rule to cycle through them and call refresh periodically to see if that prevents them from having the blinking green light. But without knowing more about the mesh state I don’t know what that would accomplish.

Does anyone know of a very good tool and guide for analyzing the zigbee mesh?

At least one of mine (the one which is visible) does this also. Seems to work fine still and as you said, if I turn it on/off it stops for a while.

I have observed the same behavior with the blinking but no obvious change in operation.

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I bought one as a test. It works fine as an outlet as stated by other comments. For the price, it sure would be nice to use it to monitor power. I think I'll buy more to support my Zigbee mesh.

Final update: I added up to 8 of these. My mesh started getting iffy after I added my 7th and 8th plug. Some lights wouldn't turn on occasionally, etc. Today I replaced all 8 with Third Reality zigbee plugs that were similarly priced and, I believe, are officially supported.

It's a bummer to have 8 plugs collecting dust in a drawer now, but hopefully, this gets my mesh fully stable.

Next time also consider Sengled Zigbee plugs - they are a little more expensive than Third Reality, fully supported, are good repeaters, and the Sengled provide power reporting, if that is desired.


I had 5 S31 Zigbee plugs and sold them on EBay for about $5 each.

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One of mine I have noticed some issues recently where I can turn it on but then when I go to turn it off I have to press my off button like 10 times for it to work. If it keeps going downhill might have to replace my two also.

How have the thirdreality plugs been? Any issues routing?