Sonoff S31 Plug without going full MacGyver Tasmota

Nube alert. I am a wink convert and running a bit of test hub to get my skills up before doing the whole house switch over. So far I love it in many ways, but have to admit it has the ability to consume hours and hours of time to get some basic things done.

Regarding the S31, hats of to those that get out their soldering irons and go the tasmota route on these S31. I don't have the time (or likely the skill) to go that full path. But I see that these devices are now on the compatibility list as of a resent version of the Hub OS.

SO I bought a couple and would love some help figuring out what I am doing wrong. Again I am not flashing with Tasmota, just expecting these to work out of the box if they are on the compatibility list. This is a correct first assumption yes?

I don't seem to be getting anywhere. I have gone to devices and discover devices then zigbee and start zigbee pairing. Then plugging the S31 in, it apparently automatically goes into pairing mode. I have moved the hub and the plug within inches of each other. But no luck. Doesn't come up.

I thought maybe I got a bad unit, so purchased another. No luck with the 2nd either.

Hub details:
Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version
Hardware Version Rev C-5

I did come across another thread about this plug, but it seemed right off the top it was referring to the courageous that had cracked it open and reflashed.

I left a post there but crickets, so thought I would start from the beginning.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Sounds like you bought the wifi version not the zigbee so will not work.


That would explain it. Looks like an amazon miss ship. Says zigbee on the site, and wifi on the box.

Happy to hear it's that simple. Thanks!


So I can confirm that if you read the box and use the right part, the Zigbee version of the S31 Lite pairs very quickly and so far works flawlessly. Up and working in seconds out of the box.

Has anyone been able to confirm this Zigbee S31 Lite units works as a repeater?

Edit: you do need version .158 (or higher?) of HE as it includes the native driver.