Sonoff S31 Lite Zigbee Smart Plug US not pairing

Since there is nothing else to do, try moving the outlet farther away - another room nearby but not line of sight to the location that doesn't work. Zigbee is pretty damn easy to get working. One bad sonoff in a batch of four would not surprise me. 4 of 4 would.

Also, since you only have one device, there isn't too much that can go wrong by changing the zigbee channel. There are 3 that don't get a lot of wifi interference - 1, 6, and 20 - I believe - look that up if you like.

I'm only running 5GHz in our house, so no immediate 2.4GHz interference, I did run a wifi scan and found that there were very low signals from our neighbors on channels 1, 6, & 11. Based on your link, channel 20 seems to be one of the in-between zigbee channels, so I left it there.

I fought with all four of the devices this afternoon and I eventually got them all to finally pair. One of the things I did was move them to an adjacent room as @ccoupe suggested. It seems like they just take a while to be found. These are the actions I took to eventually get them all to pair...

  1. Plug the S31 zb into wall in a separate room from the hub (not sure if necessary)
  2. Start zigbee pairing on hubitat and reset the S31 zb by holding down the button for 5 seconds
  3. Wait for zigbee pairing mode to timeout (after 60 seconds) and restart it
  4. Repeat step three at least three more times or until the S31 zb is found.

Initiating activity on the zigbee network I think also helped one of my devices pair. I started pressing the button on one of the already paired devices and around the same time one of the stubborn outlets was found by the hub (possibly a coincidence though). Maybe this was all caused by having basically no zigbee network to begin with? Not sure.

TL;DR - The devices are now all paired and appear to be working normally. Thanks everyone for your help.

Good. On the bright side, you learned all about recalcitrant zigbee. Those should make good repeaters for building up the mesh since they are powered devices. Wait a day for things to settle and try moving one or two farther from the hub and see if they still work.

Thank you for posting that! I just got one of those, and it wouldn't pair after trying multiple times, moving the outlet to the same room/different room etc. The key, for me, seemed to be to push and hold the button 5 seconds (reset mode) AFTER entering the pairing mode on my Hubitat. After this, about 30 seconds later, the device was found and added as a generic Zigbee device. Seems to be functioning at the moment. Keeping fingers crossed!

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