Sonof Mini R2 Extreme - switches issue

Hubitat C8 latest firmaware.

Im having problems with sonof miniR2.Extreme zigbee smart switches, using the custom driver.

Im finding that randomly the switch on hubitat changes to off, even though the lights are still on. I then have to toggle it on hubitat to get it to sync again. Until it eventually does it again.

Have tried tweaking the device settings but to no success.

Any advice?


Provide a link to the custom driver you are using please. Preferably the community thread, which will also in effect tag the author who posted it.

  • Zigbee Sonoff - generic relays Donate
    • Zigbee Sonoff - generic relays v1.7.4 (driver)

This is the driver i am using

I found the thread for it. [RELEASE] Zigbee Sonoff - generic relays [driver]

I would try using the Zigbee generic switch driver instead. Run configure after switching drivers

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ok so after the driver swap, i am still getting the same issue of the switches on Hubitat moving to off some time after setting them to on, even though the lights actually remain on.

Check the events tab on the device page, there might be something indicating what is triggering the off. Post screenshot if not sure.

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Looks like "physical" switch, but these are not connected to a physical switch, just straight into the lights, so only hubitat can control them.

And the lights remain on anyway

Any ideas?

Either bad wiring is causing the device to act up or it is defective. The only way you should be getting a physical off event like that is if the device is sending a report to the hub.

Have you tried just power cycling it? Maybe leave it off for 30 seconds so it fully powers down.


So have experimented witt 4 devices on 4 different lights, all doing the same thing.

I tried the Generic Zigbee Switch driver, same exact issue.

Does anyone have another suggestion?

Alternatively, reccomend a smart switch module zigbee 3.0 that fits into uk light switch boxes that works :grin:

@kkossev is this something you could advise on? Thank you

Seems like a Sonoff device firmware bug, sending a wrong on/off status as a keep-alive / check-in message...
Should be possible to patch it from the driver's side, give me some days.


There I was thinking my rules werenโ€™t working! Think Iโ€™m having the same issue