Somfy ZWave Blinds (Dimmer)

So based on a prior forum post about devices I went ahead and added my somfy z-wave blinds.

I first trie to conver the ST DTH by using find replace physicalgraph to hubitat with no success.

Then based on the post, I simply changed the DTH to Generic Z-Wave dimmer and IT WORKED!! YAY.

However, one tiny problem. The Z-Wave dimmer treats the curtains as on/off when they should be open close. This should be an easy fix but I have no access to the device type.

Can one of your all do a quick amendment to the device type so there would be a “dimmer” switch with open close instead of on/off?

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We will take a look at this… Thanks.

No. Thank you. This is really awesome stuff.

Is there a place we can dump ST DTHs so you all can check them out?

Actually, the idea is that you check them out! Haha. Wouldn’t you rather we spend our time pushing the platform ahead? The basics are pretty straight forward: change to You can remove Simulator and Tiles sections. Start there, and see what you get. Sprinkle in log.debug to show things that might not work right away. It’s pretty easy.

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Bad use of the word ‘you’ lol. I meant the community.

In thinking about this… would you all consider placing the hubitat default devices in a GitHub repository.

This would: (i) allow me to do my own edit with this particular devices and; (ii) allow other users to see the structure of device types that would help them bring over their ST DTHs.

Just a thought that may take some burden off your team.


Any thoughts on this. I would love to control my curtains using Alexa saying “open the curtains” instead of “turn on the curtains”

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“Alexa, turn on the curtains” just doesn’t sound right now does it?

Why not just create an Alexa “Routine” which turns on your curtains? If you haven’t explored Alexa Routines, you really should as they allow

  1. More natural language
  2. a sequence of events to be fired.

You can also mix and match firing events from different Smart Home Skills provider. For example, currently I have a “Good Morning” Alexa Routine that manipulates a Logitech Harmony Hub, a SmartThings Light, and some Hubitat Lights.

Any thoughts on creating a repository with the default hubitat devices so we can tweak them??

Any thoughts on creating a repository with the default hubitat devices so we can tweak them??

It would really help in tweaking devices to suit our custom needs.

Does anyone simply have the driver for the Generic Z-Wave Dimmer? The dimmer works for the house and I just need to amend the code to change on/off to ‘open/close’.

I have tried some other custom dimmers on the board and they do not work they way this does and why re-invent the wheel?

It is my understanding that Hubitat currently does not intend to release the source code for their drivers. @mike.maxwell develops most of the drivers. You may want to ask him for some example code?

That’s bush league. I’m not asking for the world I am asking to take perfectly good working code and amend two lines to change the device type to window covering (which hubitat should have anyway).

Any update on amending the device type or at least allowing me to amend the code to change the device type?

Window shade is on our list to get done. We’ll see if we can move it up the list for you.

Hi Justin, I am also trying to use some Somfy roller blinds I got from . I got the roller blinds to join the z wave network, and have a working simple lighting routine that is automating them, but I have not been able to get Hubitat to see the Somfy zwave + remotes. Were you able to successfully join them to Hubitat, or are you not using them?


I can pair my Somfy Z-Wave blinds to hubitat no problem as they are detected as a Generic Z-Wave dimmer. I did not pair using the remote, but rather a Z-wave sensor and pair button attached to the blinds.

I can open and close the blinds with on/off commands and I can run automations just fine. The device, however is not treated as a window shade

Same here, I did not use the remote to pair the blinds to Hubitat, I just joined them via the button on the blinds. The blinds themselves are working fine although like you said, show up as an on / off. I am just having a hard time getting the included Somfy / Graber remotes to work. They need to be included into the same zwave network as the blinds, but I have not been able to get Hubitat to see them when trying to add a device. Just wondering if you had the same issue, or if maybe you are not using the remotes.

By the way, we have the same last name, so you must be cool!

@justin.bennett Can you get me the fingerprint for this device from the driver details page at the bottom?, I’m writing a driver for these and would like to have the correct fingerprint included, thanks.

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