Somfy tahoma switch and hubitat c8


Im in the process of renovating my home and in a short space of time i am accumulating a lot of remote controls.

Somfy blind remotes, velux windows , velux solar blinds etc and now some shelly relays and air con.

My question is this. Will the hubitat c8 control all this stuff or do i still need the somfy tahoma switch that the blind company sold me. And if so will the two hubs talk to each other.

Thanks for any advice


My initial response would be to be slightly more specific with the devices you are looking to integrate. Also, in general I would suggest looking at the HE supported devices as well as the Wiki listing some of the Community supported devices:

Beyond that recommendation.... I would also encourage you to look at the Tahoma Community integration.

In terms of Velux and Shelly, continue the search and conversation.... :slight_smile:

Thanks, I appreciate your advice

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