Some Zwave devices are intermittently slow or non responsive so

... I wanted to double check that I had upgraded the Zwave firmware I go to Z-Wave Details and I clicked on Update but nothing happens however the browser shows busy for a bit and then the page refreshes. It does this on my PC and if I try it on my iPhone. The one device that's really bad is a Zooz double switch (the model with the smaller switch for a bathroom fan on it). Often during the day it does nothing when I enter the room but it's typically flawless at night. I have rebooted a couple times and I see that needs to be installed so I'll do that now which will also reboot it. The other devices are another of the same Zooz switches and a couple of Inovelli smart bulbs.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you are looking for the Firmware Update button, not the Update button (which is basically just a "Save" button for the two settings up in that corner). This will only appear if an update is available. See this doc for what that would look like:

If it's not there (and you're on a C-7 hub), then you are already up-to-date.

One thing I'd do, which you can also check in Z-Wave Details, is verify that those Inovelli bulbs are paired with no security ("None" in Z-Wave Details) rather than S0. They do not support S2 and will pair with S0 by default, which makes them even chattier than Z-Wave bulbs already can be. A firmware update to the bulbs now allows non-secure pairing, or a secondary controller can do the same. You may also wish to consider paring those Zooz devices without S2 (this is possible from Hubitat; just decline security when prompted), as with some devices (not saying these necessarily, but it can't hurt--IMHO, some manufacturers don't test secure pairing as thoroughly...), some people notice oddities with security and improvements without.

The above is really applicable to your whole network--in particular, I'd make sure you avoid S0 except on devices that may really need it (e..g, old Z-Wave locks). I'd also do what you can to cut down on unnecessary traffic, like disabling power reports on power-reporting devices if you aren't really using that information in automations.

The radio firmware update can help, too--just seems like you already did!

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Doh! That was it. Thanks! Made the wrong assumption about the Update button.

And ya I thought I had fixed the Inovelli's but they are still S0. I'll put that on a list of when I have a few moments to fix it. Thanks.

The Zooz switches are S2 and have been working great up until a couple months ago and the one in the master is getting worse and worse but maybe it's traffic from the Inovelli's. Will knock that out and see if it helps.


Unless you many many many S0 devices that are sending a lot of messages it should not hurt anything especially with the 7.17 zwave update. You mentioned having some zwave smart bulbs, are they connected to a switch that cuts power to them ever? If they can be repeaters and then get shut off it could cause some slow downs as devices re-route.

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I have the following as S0:

2 Schlage locks that work flawlessly
2 Inovelli LZW41's (the ones mentioned)

That's it.

Do you have them on a circuit where turning off a switch will cut power to them? The info online says they will act as repeaters.

They always have power.

I would be surprised if two S0 bulbs are the course of the problems then.
The Zooz ZEN30 Double switch has a really terrible antenna placement internally. It needs a good repeater very close for it to function. Have you checked your zwave details page to see if it has multiple neighbors and a good connection?

At the moment the master bath switch is direct to the hub at 40kbps it's about 25' from the router with a wall in the way. I know earlier today it was taking hops to get there and showed 83 route changes. Currently it shows zero.

Guest bath light is even closer at about 15' but it goes from the hub to one of the LZW41's (which is probably 8' from the switch) then to the other LZW41 which is about 5' from the switch.

Since my last reboot just about an hour or so ago. The two LZW41's do should 1 route change one is connecting direct at 100kbps and the other goes through a Zooz socket with no security and ends up at 9.6kbps.

Why must zwave be so picky?

Next time it fails I'll check and see what the route changes are and what the current info is. Just tested and it's working at the moment for both of the switches.

For giggles, what does your z-wave details page look like?


Just had about a 10 second delay on the two LZW41's turning on.

Look at all the routing changes in less than 24 hours on:

Each of the LZW41's (031 & 032) as well as two Zooz devices in my guest bedroom (042 & 062) both of which are the infamous Zen 25. I have 3 of these total in use. I could replace one with a peanut plug and see if that helps.

Replaced one Zen25 with a Peanut Plug. If I had more I'd replace more. Will see if this makes any difference with the one being out of the picture.

I have 4 ZEN25 and since the ZWave update and parameter 18 to 1 I do not have problem anymore. Did you set this parameter to 1 ?

How? Mine is 4.

You have at least one ghost. That should be. Stuff is trying to route through it

Not seeing anything what am I missing where are you seeing a ghost?

Device #12 has no route.

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I'm sure this is your problem because it was mine. Read this discussion: