Some New Zigbee Problems With This Morning

So, the Location Event for zigbeeOff now works with

However, I had some other new zigbee problems that may or may not be related to the update.

-First thing, was that there was an 8 second zigbee outage at ~7:31 AM.
-Received Pushover and SendMail messages shortly thereafter
-At 7:33 AM, both our cars registered as Departed. These are SmartThings arrival sensors. The hub registers them as departed after two minutes of no signal. They are zigbee.
-Both cars show "arrived" at 8:07 AM, 24 minutes later. They never left the garage.
-This kicked off the usual choreography of garage doors and driveway gate openings and closings in the wake of my rules to attempt to minimize this stuff.

Anyway, the zigbee mini outage may now have more longer lasting effects in the wake of the attempt to fix Location Event behavior. Not fun.

@support_team ? @bobbyD ?

Well, several mini zigbee outages happened in quick succession as I was sitting here, and the results above weren't duplicated, so I guess that's a good sign.

I'm sure this is some kind of weird coincidence, but I had a zigbee radio on/off at 7:34 am.

It will be really interesting if I get another one at 10:00 am. (It's just 8:30 am here.)

That's why I require multiple devices to register as departed/arrived before any arrival or departure rules run. I use the app "Presence Monitor" which makes that easy. I have three presence sensors and two of the three must register a change.

Not just multiple devices...multiple protocols, lol. Zigbee, WiFI, Z-Wave. The hub is still the weak link though.

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I’m runnng on a C-8. I added a rule to notify me if the radio goes offline. And I am getting multiple notifications a day, sometimes multiple notifications in quick succession.

Checking logs I see no evidence of an errant device. I only have 18 devices. I have been slowly unplugging devices but the issue persists. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Have you noticed any automations not fired or misbehaved because of these Zigbee offline short events?
I have also some 'Zigbee radio offline events logged occasionally, but I have not noticed any impact on my system.

Timing is everything.

Thats a good point. I initially was having some issues with zigbee devices in Sharptools, but that turns out to be problems with the Hubitat oauth system.

Thanks. I don't think I have seen any rules that didn't fire but I was working so hard to find the errant device that I have a number of devices unplugged. I will plug them all back in and see what happens.

When you say occasionally what do you mean? My radio has gone offline 5 times in the last 12 hours. Am I to assume that this is normal and I can just ignore it if it doesn't impact normal operations?

I spoke too soon. I just got a notification that the radio went offline. I tried turning on a device through Sharptools and it failed. I checked the zigbee radio status and it looks like it came back online and then went offline again. I see this a lot - sometimes going offline 2-3 times in succession.

So it is most definitely impacting usage.

I will open a support ticket - but while doing that - is there really no way to diagnose this situation? I have read that people say to unplug devices, some say you have to unplug, remove, and rebuild. Surely an errant device that is unplugged should be sufficient?

I am running a C5 and a C8. I had moved most of my devices over to the C8 mistakenly thinking it would be better with the antennas. Maybe I should just move the zigbee devices back to the C5? Thanks.

Good luck with that.
Have you seen this massive thread:

Yikes. Somehow I feel a little bit more relieved now! Since I only have a small number of devices I will migrate them back on to my C7 or C5 hub for now.

I had originally moved things over to my C8 as a bunch of smartwings blinds I had seemed to pair first and every time with the C8 but were tricky when pairing with the older hubs. Also they are located at the other end of the house from the hub so I assumed the antennas on the C8 were helping reliability. However, having the radio restart every couple of hours is not much use especially as it always seems to happen when a command is going through.