C8 Zigbee Radio Turning Off/On Multiple Times a Day

Is anyone else's Zigbee radio this unstable? I think this might be why my battery-powered Zigbee devices keep falling off daily.


A number of people have reported the same - including me. You might not even realize it if you don't check your Hub Events log. I have a feeling it's happening to a lot more people that just haven't noticed yet.


Send an private message to @support_team letting them know you are having Zigbee radio restarts and include a link to your post, or include the screen shot in the PM. I've had a few restarts but you are getting a lot repeatedly, and I can see how you would have significant problems w/that going on.

In the meantime, have you shut down your hub and pulled power for a few minutes, and then restarted...that may help. Can't hurt.

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How do you check your zigbee logs? I am pretty new with Hubitat :wink:

At the bottom of the left column menu, you’ll see Logs. Select that then select the hub events tab to see radio resets, if any.


I completely reset my zigbee radio, deleted all my devices and can't add them back.
I don't even have a good track of whether it was the latest update that messed things up.

Shut down your hub and remove power for a couple minutes, power up and try to add some devices again.

If they still fail to add, post what you're trying to add, and what's happening during the attempted pairings.

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No dice. Completely bricked Zigbee radio.
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So the pairing starts but stalls at some point, correct?

Try the Rebuild option on the Zigbee Details page. After the rebuild, reboot your hub. After rebooting your hub, use the option to reboot your Zigbee radio on the Zigbee Details page. Then see if you can pair anything.

Tagging @support_team on this as well.

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After several weeks of painful testing yesterday I dumped the c7’s and moved over to the c8’s
I have done a load of testing and as some of you will have read, suffered the same issues as many on the new releases. HW and S.W.
I went for a clean rebuild and removed devices from one old hub and moved devices across one at a time.
But what I did do was all the background checks were god, location and RF interference and positioning of hubs.
I excluded or removed each device (Zwave/Zigbee) and did a factory reset on all before introducing them to the new hubs.
I also made sure the new hubs had all radios reset. All backups deleted, all radios were set in different channels and least busy as possible then did a soft reset before I started the migration as I had done all sort of testing on them and don’t want anything dodgy left behind. In everything I have done so far this has what has made the biggest difference from a stability point of view.
I have found that some of the devices needed the factory reset as they appear to hang onto something that can affect pairing/inclusion. That’s not empirical evidence just some issues I had.
Also I noticed that some devices particularly Sonoff the database, again, appears to not clear everything out and then it makes inclusion difficult.
I know everyone can’t do this but in one day I have moved 40% of my devices across and I stoped to give the networks time to settle and sort themselves out.
3 of my zwave devices that were playing up were at fault. I tried them on Indigo and they wouldn’t play there either. In the bin.
As I stated before I have probably just jinxed myself but as of this morning both hubs running at low cpu. Loads of memory and no drop outs.
Just wanted to share a positive story. But this is my experience only. I’m not claiming this is the cure all.


Don't know if the fact that I'm on C7 matters but I don't have a rebuild option.
I did reset the other night and rebooted after which didn't fix my issue.
I also don't see an option to reboot my zigbee radio other than toggling it off and on, which I have done and couldn't add any devices.
I haven't tried since I initially posted, I was trying to get a bunch of new hobby stuff done, old hobby is really taking a back seat lately, but I am getting tired of apologizing to my wife so I might work on this today.

I was just able to add a plug all of the sudden.
I'll see if I can add more.


The ZB radio rebuild/reboot/etc options are unique to the C8 (and its new ZB chip).

Don't feel like you're missing out on much with not having those options on the C7 -- I'm more & more convinced those options cause more problems than they solve since there's no comprehensive documentation about how they work and when/how they should be used.


Oh dear. When you find out can you let me know as I have been giving it a right bollocking :joy::joy::joy:


Me too, and I'm now convinced I was just shooting myself in the foot by impatiently mashing those buttons after I migrated. I'm now just avoiding those options, and things are improving. I know f/w updates are helping with all that too, but I'm really avoiding temptation to touch those options now.


There is some documentation in HE support content...part of the issue is that some of the Zigbee options were added when the Zigbee issues were first discovered on the C8, more of a short-term work-around that shouldn't all normally be needed once things are more settled w/the C8 Zigbee. HE staff have been running hard to identify and resolve the Zigbee issues, not surprisingly time available to update documentation has probably been limited.

What they do have is here:

And more specifically:

Model C-8 users have additional options for rebuilding the Zigbee network on demand or every hub reboot or to reboot the Zigbee radio without the need to fully reboot the hub. These can help with troubleshooting specific Zigbee network problems and will be done automatically by the hub when specific problems are detected but are not necessary to perform manually for most users.

Mike has said that the option to rebuild Zigbee on hub reboot isn't recommended for regular use.

@Tony has identified a potential issue (could be a YMMV situation) w/using the Rebuild option. On the next reboot of the hub after the Zigbee rebuild, control of Zigbee devices may be blocked/impacted for up to 1 1/2 hours. If you reboot the Zigbee radio after the hub reboot, then that issue appears to clear up. So that sequence would be:

If you rebuild the Zigbee network, then next:

  1. Reboot hub
  2. Reboot Zigbee radio (reboot, not rebuild)

Very good summary - thank you!

That's a good prompt for me to clarify -- the "Rebuild" option in particular is what I think has screwed me in the past -- I had the "Rebuild upon reboot" option selected for a while (before Mike said what he said), but I was still clicking it once in a while. Who really knows why -- it was just too tempting for whatever reason lol.

Things have been better since I've been ignoring that option.


Every days a school day.
Ok it would help if I could read my own language.
I have been giving the reset a good bashing not rebuild. :crazy_face: If I had been doing any testing of the zigbee devices I reset the radio so I didn’t leave behind any nefarious bits of config. When I was suffering continual failure to pair it appeared things got worse.
I have had one zigbee issue on. Sonoff button but it looks like it’s the custom driver. The built in one is fine.
Just included both Yale locks on Zwave no problems and tested lock manger to add a code to the night latch.
I’m waiting for it to come crashing down around my ears. :joy:

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I have been doing ok over the last week or two for the most part, but the subject of this thread - Zigbee Radio cycling off and on (usually for a few seconds) still remains.

I know of what you speak... :wink:

And we will be here to laugh, cry, drink, do lines of coke, smoke crack, sniff paint thinner, and eat Elmer's Glue with you.

:wink: :rofl:

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