Some Google Home questions/issues

  1. I have a few Zooz Zen30s. Is there a way to change what type of device the relay is in Google Home? My fans show up as lights. I can turn the fan on/off fine, but the issue is if I say "turn off living room lights" it also turns the fan off because it thinks it's a light. With most devices, you can go into the settings for it in Google Home and change the device type. I'm thinking the issue is that the relay is considered a component of the switch.

  2. My thermostat (Trane ComfortLink II xl850) can only be controlled via Nexia. However, it can be integrated with Google Home. Is there a way to control Google Home devices through Hubitat?

  3. If I share a device with Goole Home, is there a way to hide it in the Google Home app? I have virtual switches I've shared that basically act as a trigger for a rule. If not, does anyone know a good alternative to having the assistant turn on a virtual switch?

Regarding #3, annoyingly there is no way to hide devices in GH as far as I know. You can create a room called "System" or suchlike and stick them all in there. Not ideal.

Regarding #2, you can use the Google Assistant Relay, documented elsewhere in this forum. I got it working once but struggled to maintain it. There are so many confusing threads I got lost working out the best way to deploy it. In the end I resorted to having an HE-controlled Sonos speak commands to a Google Mini....which works incredibly well lol.

Regarding #1, you can use a GH Routine. Tell it what command you would like to say, then set the actions necessary to control your device(s). Simples!

I did similar but called room ZZZ-Virtual Devices so it would be at end of my list and rarely show.

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This post has some good info in it about issue 1. -Joel

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