[Solved] Zigbee Instability is back!


Fingers are crossed here too. Thanks!


@chuck.schwer I have been pondering something. I have noticed that the 11 SmartThings plugs have been rock solid, despite the rest of the mesh being flakey. In contrast, routing devices that have been deleted and re-added lose their routes within minutes of being reconnected. Could the routing tables in the other routers be holding stale routes, or could the hub be holding onto stale routes??

XCTU is showing 16 unreachable routers. All but 2 are the plugs I reconnected yesterday. Very strange? I think so.


I wonder if you had not moved any Iris plugs back but had added all the battery devices to your Hubitat / ST plugs if they would have remained connected and functional. There are a huge number of routers in your setup.


Zigbee failed completely this morning. It was working early this morning (about 10% of devices were anyhow) until about 20 minutes ago when I couldn't control anything. A reboot did not restore, so I decided to reset (nuke) the Zigbee stack again since the replacement hub will arrive tomorrow. Zigbee stayed offline after nuking the stick, remained offline after a complete power cycle. I had to reset the stick a second time to get Zigbee to initialize.

I'm going to repeat my Iris experiment from the weekend on a clean Zigbee stack (on a very questionable stick) to see how it performs for the next 24-36 hours until the new hardware arrives. Nothing to lose at this point...


Are you on your replacement radio yet?


No.. Looks like that will come tomorrow. Since it crashed I decided to reset the stick and play around today. It's a holiday and about 0 degrees (F) outside, so I've got nothing better to do.


Yeah, Amazon supposed to deliver my lock today and it's a holiday..... boring, problably I will factory restore all the hubs....


I've got 30 plugs connected to the temp Zigbee mesh on the hub. Two left to go on this floor. So far so good, although I made it a couple days until problems surfaced.


Did you get the sniffer?


No... Looks like that's coming Wednesday.

WIth 30 devices on the Hubitat Zigbee mesh, I have already seen two SmartPlugs fail to respond to commands. These are the same plugs I moved to Iris Friday - Sunday and had no issues with.

I really hope it is a Zigbee stick issue!


Definitely, I hope that too, as always keep us posted, I enjoyed the reading, I know it has been a pain for you but very informative.


With just 2 XBees and 34 SmartPlugs (3 ST Gen 4, 2 ST Gen 3, an 29 Iris V2), the Iris Plugs are starting to go unresponsive. All 34 devices have been added slowly over a 5 hour period of time, which shouldn't be too much for that period of time. I am going to let the system "rest" for a half hour and add the remaining 9 plugs. I've decided to skip adding any battery powered devices until the new hub and stick arrive as I'm almost certain the same behavior will develop.


Just curious, if the new hub develops the same behavior, I hope not, that could be something that maybe interfere with Xiaomi devices? I ask because Xiaomi is the only device here in my home that hates Iris plugs....


Who are you referring to? @srwhite doesn't have any Xiaomi device. Are you @Somel and his issue?


That is correct. The Iris plugs got along with everything for years in SmartThings. It's just Hubitat that's struggling. Fingers crossed for a bad stick. Several plugs are going unresponsive now with 37 connected.

Wish I had an explanation. I've marked a couple plugs that had difficulty pairing. Those will be replaced with ST gen 4 plugs when they arrive on Wednesday, just to be safe.


I had a similar issue but according to support is unrelated to srwhite case. My HE zigbee radio went to unitialized, but according to HE it was case by bad timing of my update and maintenance tasks in the background. The other drops I had of Xiaomi devices seem to have stopped and none have dropped in the last 3 days. Let's keep fingers cross that it holds.


Can you further characterize "going unresponsive"? Does it update when you Refresh? Does the device status update in HE when you do a physical button press? Does the switch go on and off from HE? There may be different flavors of "unresponsive" and it may be useful to document them along with this wider issue.

Also interesting if there is any activity from the unresponsive devices showing in the Zigbee log.


I know @srwhite doesn't have any xiaomi, just asking, I can see he knows what he's talking about, or at least he convinced me.


When I say unresponsive, I mean unresponsive as in it doesn't do anything. Doesn't switch, doesn't report, dead as a stump. Nothing in Zigbee logs.

If the plug is refreshed or toggled a few times they will come back to life for a period of time. That is a behavior that was not observed under SmartThings nor Iris with the same devices.

There are documented cases over on the ST forum where the Xiaomi's would not connect to an Iris SmartPlug, although there are those who said they did. The one thing that seems to be true is that they prefer talking directly to the coordinator or other Xiaomi routing device.


So you say they come back to life after being toggled or refreshed a few times, you mean from HE? So they must be listening ok, just not talking back to the hub? If they were listening ok, they should flip when switched. What happens if you power cycle the device, ie unplug the smart switch from the wall and plug it back in, do you get any messages in Zigbee logs?

I have a network engineering background, in the IP world we have the wonderful ping utility for testing reachability, round-trip time, packet loss and up-ness of devices. Seems like z-wave and Zigbee could use such a tool. Maybe it exists in the stack and is something that could be exposed by an App or device driver. I notice z-wave repair says its doing a ping. The closest thing we have to ping is Refresh, but its a bit sparse in terms of reporting.

I dont have solutions for your Zigbee problem, just trying to explore around the issue. I just had a fan controller go unresponsive. like you it just quit talking or listening to HE. Without removing the device, I put HE into discover mode, power cycled the device a few times, and it magically started talking again. So I'm not sure what this means, but its sort of similar to your thing.