[SOLVED] "Unexpected Error" on Motion Lighting Child

*Edit - I need to do a better job wording my searches. Found another thread (see below) with the same issue. I had an old scene in Groups and Scenes that had lost it's conditions. I removed that scene, and per instruction opened Groups and Scenes again and hit Done, this resolved the issue.

Errors in Rule 2.5 - Rule Machine® - Hubitat

Hi all, I am getting an "Unexpected Error" when I attempt to open the Motion and Mode Lighting App that controls my office lighting.

When I go to the logs I see this;

I can't say when this actually started, but I notice it after changing the devices in my Office group that this references. I tried a reboot and applying the update that just came out with no change. I also tried removing the app itself, rebooting and readding. I don't get any errors when loading the parent, just when trying to create the child. Thanks for any help.

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