[Solved] Repeating Rule Quit Working

I have a Nutone switch controlling a light. If I turn the light on manually by the switch Hubitat doesn't seem to know its on or off. If I do a refresh then it updates.

So I set a rule to do a refresh every 30 seconds. It ran fine all day yesterday. Today it is not running. Here is a screen shot of the rule.

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Is this a Rule 3.0 rule or a Rule 2.5 rule?

Also, look at the events log for the app (gear icon upper right, followed by Events button).

Rule 3.0. Looked at events. The last event was the last time it executed last night before shutting off at 11 pm. No errors or other info. Also checked logs, same thing.

It acts like it's not getting the signal to restart in the morning. There's really no reason I can't do it 24 hours a day, but just thought it would save resources by not doing it at night when I don't care anyway.

The best thing would be if the switch would report it's status without having to do this. But I don't know how or why.

I can hit run rule and it will execute 1 time. But won't repeat.

What build are you on? There was a bug with Repeat that has since been fixed.

I just had an update this morning. Looks like

I will take another look to see what might be happening....

One thing: That repetition should never have stopped. The way you have the rule setup, it starts on True, but nothing ever stops it. I realize that didn't happen, but you would need Stop on Truth Change for it to stop at 11:00 PM.

But, there is a bug that makes it stop on truth change no matter what.

Still testing this...

Is there any problem with doing this? It won't bog things down or anything like that? I still don't know why the switch won't update on its own.

EDIT: Never mind, I am an idiot. The difference is that I have stop on truth change selected - exactly what Bruce said to being with. I'm losing it.

Original post:


Here is a rule I've used for a while that definitely stops repeating outside of the time window. Is that because I have a false action?

Because I look at what I have below, and what the poster above has above, and I would have his would have stopped too outside of the time window...

Just making sure I fully understand. Thanks!

Your rule differs from the OP in that it uses "stop on truth change" so yes, it will stop outside of the defined times.

Where does it use 'stop on truth change'? Maybe that is the part I'm missing.

To me the two look esentially the same, other than he doesn't have a FALSE action.

Your action reads "repeat every hour (stop)" the "stop" is short for stop on truth change.

OP rule is just "repeat" without out a stop on truth change or a repeat "n" times so it would repeat indefinitely.

Edit: Also, OP is rule is using RM 3.0 where it appears your rule is 2.5 so it's going to look a little different in the screenshots anyway.

Yup.... It has been a very long day.

Yes, you are of course right. I do have "stop on truth change" enabled.

I am definitely having a 'senior moment' today. Disregard all above, it is 100% obvious to me now why the two sets of rules are different, and mine works.



This episode has had me digging into the Repeat Actions workings for the past couple of hours. One conclusion I have come to is that having multiple Repeat Actions is fraught with potential problems. Consequently, I've put in place a limit of only having a single Repeat Actions per action section.

Rule 3.0 already did not allow nested Repeat Actions. At execution time, multiple Repeat Actions could be very much like nested ones, namely, more than one running at once. The code doesn't support managing this as it stands now. Hence, only one allowed.

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Just to be clear, it's still OK to have multiple actions with the repeat "loop" just not more than one repeat loop per action section correct?


What does all that mean in regards to what I am doing? I need to find another way?

You're fine, but you need to fix your rule so that it doesn't repeat forever.

That's a whole different question / problem that doesn't have anything to do with RM.

Will this still allow me to have different repeats in different Else If sections within the same action? Something like this...?