[Solved] Repeating Rule Quit Working

No. However I'm going to re-examine this whole thing.

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In my case repeating doesn't work either.
What's more I get unexpected error

when trying to set 'Stop repetition on change of rule truth'

My rule was just to poll a device every one second. In RM 2.5 it still works.

There are some bugs with Repeat in the current release. Will be fixed in the next release.

I found that polling app so using that instead of the repeating rule. Working fine.

Thanks @j715. I didn't know about the app.
Here it is easy to find for those in need

UPDATE: RM 3.0 started repeating in my case.
Thank you @bravenel

That's not the one I used. There is a built in app called 'Z-Wave Poller'

That one wouldn't work for me as I need to poll/refresh lan attached devs. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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