[Solved] Mode Manager not returning to correct mode after away

The Mode Manager app is not returning to the correct mode after Away mode is exited. According to the logs below Away Mode was entered at 7:55pm then at 8:28 Away Mode was exited and I expected the "Kids Bedtime" mode to be entered ("Kids Bedtime" mode is on from 8:15pm to 10pm). This has happened with the following releases and Any ideas? Here are some details

Here are the System Events:

Here Is My Mode Manager Setup

dev:4192019-01-18 08:28:48.905 pm infoAway Mode Switch was turned off
dev:3532019-01-18 08:28:48.782 pm infoToy Room Light power is 6 watts
dev:1942019-01-18 08:28:48.686 pm infoAll Lights switch is off
app:4522019-01-18 08:28:48.680 pm infoAway Ghost Upstairs : Home mode Sleep
app:4532019-01-18 08:28:48.534 pm infoAway Ghost Dining Room: Home mode Sleep
app:4542019-01-18 08:28:48.531 pm infoAway Ghost Family Room: Home mode Sleep
dev:2262019-01-18 08:28:48.527 pm infoSending Message: Welcome Home I Turned Some Lights On For You Priority: 0 to Device: ShaneenePhone
app:4352019-01-18 08:28:48.506 pm infoKids Bedtime Items Off: Home mode Sleep
app:1682019-01-18 08:28:48.468 pm infoAll Lights off when mode changes to Sleep Turn Off
app:4342019-01-18 08:28:48.436 pm infoKids Bedtime Items On: Home mode Sleep
dev:3532019-01-18 08:28:48.287 pm infoToy Room Light was turned on
app:1342019-01-18 08:28:48.262 pm debugEvent Check Disabled.
dev:1642019-01-18 08:28:48.201 pm infoSending Message: Welcome Home I Turned Some Lights On For You Priority: 0 to Device: AlexPhone
app:5612019-01-18 08:28:48.051 pm infoArrival Lights And Away Off: Minivan Presence Sensor presence present
dev:5172019-01-18 08:28:47.997 pm infoMinivan Presence Sensor has arrived

That's not good. I'll look into it. Thanks for reporting this issue.

I think I have found the bug causing this. I have some testing to do to confirm. Fix should be in the next release.

Thanks Bruce!

Hi, I have the same situation when returning to the correct mode using the time setting via virtual switch. Do we happen to know when this bug will be resolved?


In the next release.


Thanks for looking into this, however I just now installed the hub update, but still it is not working. Attached is the screen shot. Basically I have a virtual switch that I want to turn off which will transition from guest mode to the X mode based on my time settings.


Just had this same issue, wife got home and I checked the events for her life360 presence and it showed that she arrived and was present but HE never switched from away mode.

The hub is on I did not have this issue before the update.

The last event in Mode Manager was HE being set to away mode this morning when everyone left.

Iā€™m on and this seems to be working for me now.

It could have just been a glitch, I will know today if its working properly.

Just want to confirm this particular issue appears to be working now based on the latest hub update. Thanks Hubitat support team.

The problem is back. I'm having issues when returning from Away mode using time settings under switch off event. Can someone look into this please?

You need to show us your Mode Manager setup, and the logs from when it failed for us to look into it.

I can easily reproduce this issue. When I turn off my "Guest Mode" virtual switch nothing happens when it should return from away using time settings. Turning on "Guest Mode" works fine when changing the mode to Guest. The problem is with the off command. Please see screen shots.

I'm not able to reproduce this problem. It works for me, set up just like yours.

Are you sure that the system was in Away mode? It only sets based on time settings using a switch from Away mode, not some other mode.

That's it. I was expecting the Return from Away mode to work in the generality, meaning if I switched off Guess Mode, then it would change the mode to either Day, Evening or Night based on time. It worked at one point so not sure if this was a related to a recent change? Perhaps this needs to be a different option altogether? Thanks Bruce, appreciate all the help.

when can we expect the fix?

This isn't a feature of the app at this time, so there is no "fix". Return from Away is just that, for returning from Away mode.

It's not hard to do what you want with a trigger in Rule Machine, especially if you are using times for determining your modes. See this post:

You would use a different Trigger Event than that one, namely, switching off Guest Mode.

Thanks for the 2nd option. Just so you know, this did work at one point, then the functionality was removed. Ideally all of my mode change logic would be stored in one app, Mode Manager. It makes it a little easier to understand when making changes in one central application. RM is another option, agreed, but again this was working in a previous release.

I'll look into this. Perhaps it was removed by mistake.