[Solved] Mode Manager not returning to correct mode after away


Should I press on to RM 3 or were you able to find the previous change?



Next release?


Any update on this? Thanks


This feature never existed. It's on the list of things to do. Where modes were expanded was the ones to ignore for time changes.


Thanks Bruce. Is there anyway you could expand the functionality to return from X mode with a switch? Anyway we could get this into the next release?


It's on the list. Not sure if next release or not yet.


Bruce, can we please get this into the next release? I think many will use it. As an example, when I turn off my Guest virtual switch I want the mode to change back based on time settings. This will not work when my hub is in Guest mode. Again, this did work at one point because I was using it when my wife's parents would visit and my wife and I leave the house. In my use case guest mode would prevent our Life360 sensors from changing modes, almost like an override.