[SOLVED] Locked out of Hubitat Portal

I went into the settings in the portal and added my wife as a user. Now I am presented with a new login page and I cannot login to the controller. The Forget Password option doesn't work to my email address or name nor does it work for hers.

This is day 2 of owning this thing. I would typically visit portal.hubitat sign in with my email account, then select my controller. Now when I select the controller I am presented with a new login screen that I can't login to.

How the hell do I get back into it?

Sorry for the troubles. Please check your PM. I sent you details on how to get out of it...

UPDATE... a few members indicated that the solution was not posted for this issue. Linking the solution to the post that contains instructions on how to disable the secure log in. Be aware that the title of this topic is misleading, the OP was locked out of web interface not Hubitat Portal

Hi Bobby I jst set up my hubitat device and registered it and made a user and password and for some reason I can log in on this site but when I enter the same information in google home when I am connecting it to it I will get an invalid user or password

Make sure you spell the email address exactly, and that it is case sensitive. If you used a mobile browser, sometimes it will capitalize the email address, make sure it matches exactly.

thanks, didnt realize the user name was case sensitive as well

I just installed my Hubitat after switching from Wink and I'm having the same problem. Please help!

Just know if you set a username it is case sensitive. If you can't figure out your account name and password, email support and they will help get you unlocked.

I was in a pin field in my hub and my safari browser created a new pin with its password generator. I then saved that password into my safari password vault and it overwrote my main hub password. How can I change the password on my hub without having the old password?

Nevermind I noticed the forgot password link on the login page and went through that and was able to reset my password

I have this same problem. I try to login with the username and password, and it will not let me. Also when I click on "forgot password" it says that the "user does not exist". However, I'm able to access the user screen, so I know the exact spelling of the username, and it still says the user does not exist. Any suggestions??

nevermind....i got it!

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