[SOLVED] Life360 not able to set 'Place'

I'm new to Hubitat and experimenting with presence detection. After reading up on the forum I installed Life360 on my phone (Galaxy S9+, Android 10) and followed the steps on the Life360 Connector wiki page.

I have succesfully added my credentials and can choose the correct 'Circle'. However, the dropdown for 'Place' stays empty, although in the app on my phone I've setup 'Home' and 'Work'.

Am I overlooking something?

Try deleting the places and setting them up again from the browser instead of from the app. I had this issue before and doing this fixed it

I had not used the bowser yet. Saw that there were indeed no Places defined in the web-version. Works fine now.
Thanks for the tip!

Unfortunately, the web interface is going away on May 10th of 2021. How will we resolve this then?

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Confirmed the web version is gone, and there is no way to set a place other than the app. Is Life360+Hubitat now useless for new users?

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I'm interested in this question as well. I immediately hit a wall trying to improve presence accuracy with the current version of Life360 (as of 10/13/21). I don't think a presence fob will get it done the way I want either. I'd really like a geofence application tightly integrated with Hubitat the way Life360 appeared to have once worked.

I had the same issue, as of 11/17/21, deleting place in app and re-adding made it show up in life360connector

Deleting and re-adding did not work for me.

I would also love help on this. Have we found another solution?

Same problem here: 'Home' is set in life360 app, but location dropdown remains empty in Life360 Connector. I've tried removing and reinstalling several times. Is Life360 now useless for new users?

I'd like to know too. Why does this thread say solved?

Here's what worked for me just this morning (Feb. 7) -

Downloaded Life360 on old phone that uses a Google voice number and data only sim

Created new user account

Added Places in newly created account

Using the Life360 app on my primary phone I then added the newly created account as a new member

In summary -
Places became available AFTER I created the new account and added the newly created account as a new MEMBER in my primary Life360 account. I cannot yet speak as to whether deleting the new member will cause issues. I'll report back when I have a few moments to test.

Based on others’ recommendation, Life360 worked for me in Hubitat after I created a family and added TWO devices. One device wasn’t enough for a drop down menu to display.

This issue isn't solved. It's been worked around.
I've had Life360 connector installed for a long time. I added a new member in the app and when i tried to update in Hubitat, i get errors and it stopped working.
Uninstall/reinstall gives the following error upon select any place in the drop-down.

What version of Hubitat firmware are you on? There was a Life360 fix in .142 very recently.

In the Life360 Connector app, is everything appearing and configured correctly?

I am also having this issue. I've added one person to my circle. Do have to add another to make the place appear?

Okay after browsing the forums, I finally got a work-around to work for me. I added a second person (but this still didn't make the place show up). THEN I had to add a second place (that persons home) and then the places finally showed up.