SOLVED - Incorrect # Buttons? GoControl WA00Z-1 ZW+


Just added a GoControl WA00Z-1 ZW+ successfully to my setup. Works just fine with the Generic Z-Wave Button Controller. (Not HE's fault, but this is one ugly device, but I needed it!)

My issue is that the device driver is only reporting 1 button:

But as can be seen from the screenshot, I pushed button #2. There are in fact 2 puttons to press on this device.

If I use this device in RM, I can successfully use a Custom Attribute to detect which button is being pushed.

However, If I try to use / configure a RM4 Button Device, it only ever gives me the option to do "things" for 1 button. I suspect because the driver is only reporting 1 button available.

Is this a bug in the HE driver? Mike (@mike.maxwell), I suspect a question best addressed to you.


It's not a bug. The driver was not set up for dynamic button counts.

Thanks for the reply Mike; I'll mark this as "solved".

Please add an option in the driver to specify the number of buttons a device has.


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I'm new to Hubitat. I bought a GoControl WA00Z-1 to use controlling lights. I've added it as a device and set the type as generic button controller. I'm not having much luck using it though. Could you tell me how you set up yours?


You can temporarily replace the driver with the virtual button controller driver to set the button count.

This driver works great: Z-Wave Wall Switch Developer Question

I just set up this button using the instructions here. That's after I added the 2nd button using the tip from @mike.maxwell. Thanks. For the newbies like myself who arrived here via a search, you need to use a button app to get the button going. Follow the instructions above. Everything works great. Don't be alarmed if it doesn't work immediately. Give it a minute or two after you close the menus in HE.

I migrated from Wink when they went to the subscription model and it was a bit different to get everything going but I am really happy I did and I have never looked back. I have between 70 and 100 devices connected to my C5 HE hub and I have just purchased a C7 to work with European frequencies (C5 is NA). Looks like there aren't too many Z-Wave bulbs left in the American market. Thanks for the great community.

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Worked for me too. Thanks!

I switched from generic z-wave button controller to virtual button and then saved. Set physical buttons to 2 and saved. Then changed back to generic z-wave button controller and saved. The numberOfButtons stayed as 2.

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The temporary Virtual button trick worked for me too. I did need to delete the existing Button Controller app instance I had for it andncrea5e a fresh one though. No biggie since I needed that second Hutton accessible in the app to finish installing it anyway. Thanks!