[SOLVED] Day 1 HELP - Hub not detected

I just received and installed my HE Hub and the portal (portal[dot]hubitat[dot]com) will not detect my hub.

-New C5 Hub (USA)
-My PC and HE Hub are on the same LAN.
-The HE Hub has been on and connected to the LAN for at least 30 minutes.
-I'm using oAuth to login to the portal.
-Portal allows me to login and gives me this:


If I right-click "Hubs" at the top of the page and open in a new tab I get this:


On this screen, If I click on "Login" or "Register" I'm prompted to sign in using email and password (NOT oAuth).

If I log-in here then I'm returned to a screen that's exactly like the first picture.

Any help is much appreciated.

Your network switch is not blocking internet access is it ?
Needed for registration.

Can you connect to the Hubitat Hub via its IP address in your browser? (Look in your routerโ€™s dhcp assignments list to find the IP addresss for the Hubโ€™s MAC address found on the bottom of the hub.)

What color is the LED on the hub?

LED Light is blue.

When you created your Hubitat account, did you also use oAuth or email/pw ?

Did you create multiples?

The Javascript running on that Registration page isn't blocked is it?

It's trying to find your Hub. Then using that will look it up at Hubitat and either allow you to register it or provide a local link to the GUI.

My hypothesis is that a) No DHCP supplied IP address; or b) Javascript is blocked in the browser

I've only ever used oAuth. No multiple accounts. JavaScript is not blocked. I am seeing some funny device information on my router device list. I do see the HE and my PC on the router but I still can't connect to the HE IP address. There's other devices connected to my network that aren't showing on my router so I'm going to see if there's any firmware updates for my router and switch first and then re-boot.

FIXED! I updated the firmware on my router and now I can see the HE Hub. I'll browse through the router firmware update notes later but there's a bullet point for an IPV6 bug that probably caused this issue. I am up and running now. Thanks again HE family!


Good to hear. Enjoy.