[SOLVED] C-5 to c-7 migration failure

I spent most of the day prepping and installing my new c-7 hub. After the migration, I can see all of my devices on the new hub but nothing works. I use alexa as my interface point and no matter what I did, I couldn't get anything to work. Is there another step in the migration process that I missed. I finally just unplugged the new hub and plugged the old one back in. Is there something that I missed? I followed the migration document. I even tried manually deleting an item and re-adding it to the new hub and that didn't seem to work either. Its almost like z-wave wasn't turned on.

Sorry to hear of your difficulty with this. It is Friday evening, and I'm not sure when you'll find our staff around to help out...


If you have Zigbee devices rediscover them and they should just start working. If you have Z-wave devices you have to delete those device and re-install them. If you have your old hub then exclude them from there. If you do not have the old hub then factory reset each device then re-install them on the new hub.

There is no easy way to do this. You just have to do it one device at a time.

I put the c-5 back in service and unplugged the c-7. things are working sporadically. tbh. kind of glad no one around now. its been aa very frustrating day.

the migration process brought them over, i can see them, they just dont work.

I have been through a lot of bad hub issues. There is no easy way to do this; I wish there was.

If you follow my above instructions then you will succeed. You are will have to rebuild practically from scratch but this hub is so much better. It is worth it.

I assume by what you are saying that you downloaded a backup from the C5 and uploaded to the C7? You did NOT use the migration service, correct?

Knowing which way you did things will allow us to give you some more specific advice.


I used a document that described the migration process which included taking a backup and using that backup to restore on the c-7.

So that brings over the database, but not the radio information.

For Zigbee, you will have to pair everything again. They are fairly easy as things will just re-discover and pop back into place.

For Zwave, that is much more complicated. That migration document describes renaming the old device, re-including the "new" Zwave device, and renaming things to make things fall back into place.

If you wanted to save a bunch of time and effort, the migration service will bring over your Zwave radio automatically. Zigbee still needs to be manually paired again, but that is cake compared to all that Zwave malarkey.


What instructions did you follow? Migration still requires you to pair all of your ZWave devices to new hub. The fact that you said that you simply put the C5 back in service sounds like all of your ZWave devices are still paired to C5 and were never excluded from C5 & paired to C7


Didn't know there was another way to migrate - so should I reset the new hub back and where do I find this migration service?

From the instructions that I followed, it did not indicate that I had to unpair/pair the devices. It implied that it would bring that all over. I found the instructions somewhere on the hubitat site.

Hub-to-Hub Migration

With hub migration, simply download your cloud backup to your new hub and all of your rules, apps, settings and Z-wave devices are installed on the new hub automatically. I believe this is what I did.

The hub protect service is a paid service. You would have had to purchased that.

I will restate the question above. Did you go to the Settings page, download a backup to your computer, then upload that to the C7?

Or did you go to the Settings menu, and then the Cloud Backup tab and press the Migrate button?


I did the latter - went to the settings menu, clicked the cloud tab and hit the migrate button.

This is the document that I followed.

Could you please update the hub to the latest release, if you didn't already.

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I did do an update as soon as I hooked it up. I've had it for a little while and had just gotten around to trying the migration.

When was that? We have released an update just few hours ago that might help. If not, I'll take a look at your hub in the morning. Please send us an email to support@hubitat.com, if you didn't already along with your hub's MAC address and the email that hubs are registered with.

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I suspect I updated before your latest update. I started some time early this afternoon. When I was trying to use the new one after migration a message did pop up that there was another update but by then I was just so frustrated that I wanted to get my old one working again. I will go back at it tomorrow and will apply the update first.

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