SOLD HE Hub + Iris Contact & Motion sensors $100 Shipped


I'm a geek who likes to play with new toys, and I'm moving on to another toy for HA so I'm selling my Hubitat Hub. I've had it for about 2 months.

HE Hub
HE zwave/Zigbee stick
HE power supply
2 Iris contact sensors, 1 used, 1 unused in box. both bought last month from Lowes
2 Iris motion sensors, 1 used, 1 unused in box. both bought last month from Lowes

$100 Includes PP fee and shipping CONUS

Sorry to see you go. Mind sharing where you are off to? Just curious.

Right now I'm playing with a 30 day trial of HomeSeer on an RPi. HomeSeer is a bit more money, ok a lot more, it appears to have more control. It is more complicated. Some of the built in app and drivers of Hubitat function much better than the plugins available on HS3.

So far thing that are better on Hubitat
Hue hub and lights support
Lock Manager
real ZigBee support
Lutron Pico hold function support

For most people who are not into HA at a geek level I would recommend Hubitat.


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I used HS3 Pro for quite some time. It isn't bad at all. I still have my znet device around here somewhere...

I will say, though, that I got a little tired of the 'pay for almost every app I don't want to make myself' model, though.

If they ever make a better looking, more polished HS4 I will probably look at it again.

Yeah if I make the jump to their linux hardware with a pro license and the 11 or so plugins I'll need, I think it will run me about $900.:sob:

I recommend using your own hardware and Linux install. The Linux version and Mono version they ship is old and has problems with newer plugins. Using your own hardware will be cheaper anyways.

You can re-use the USB stick from Hubitat if you want or use their SmartStick+ or buy a Z-Net. You can also build a Z-Net yourself if you have a spare USB stick.

This is what I do as well. I use the standard version as well. I have purchased 4 plugins and that’s all I use currently. I don’t mind paying for the plugins if the developer is active and they support them.

I used Homeseer Pro for 10 years. They would have to make some serious changes for me to think about using the software again.

  • New device support is slooooow. Took forever to get alexa and then google assistant. They STILL don't have a proper way to use zigbee.
  • Most new stuff they rely on users to figure it out (Insteon).
  • EXPENSIVE! Forget about the price of just HS. Other than z-wave, the base HS Pro doesn't do very much. You need plug-ins...lots of them. It can get ridiculous very quickly.
  • Buggy. With each release, they break something. Please visit their message board to see what I'm talking about. It's crazy.

In my opinion (and just my opinion), in 1 year Hubitat has caught up and passed HS. Only real good things I can say about HS... the owners and support team are amazing. Just like here, they are very active and responsive on the message board and will go out of their way to help people. I'd say that's what keeps them on the map.

So my HS pro system sits on the automation rack, powered off. Couple of thousand $ paperweight. While my $100 Hubitat box runs circles around it! :grin:

Can't wait to see what the next year brings with Hubitat!


I suspect I'll be back :slight_smile:

Been curious about their system for years.

Then cancel the sale, or are you planing to get $100 to buy a plug-in then return to HE?

$100 plug-in? Yeah there's only a couple that charge that much and they are over priced IMHO. Most plugins are much cheaper.

But I do agree with the sentiment if there's a "thought" of returning to HE just keep that stuff. The USB stick can be used with HomeSeer.

It's a political thing. Wife "What's that, more HA stuff?" Me: "I sold the other stuff" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I know that routine... I just gave up on it and now I have a "collection" of all of the systems :smile:

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@drew I sent you a PM!

Nothing better than "hold on, I have one of those!"

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I quite literally can almost say that! :slight_smile:

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Awww crap I can say this too. Hmmm

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Some collect stamps.... well we collect HA gear?? :smile:

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Whew... Not me. I am junk/clutter adverse. If I'm not using it, it is typically sold or in a the trash within a week.

lol, I just found a box full of old Insteon stuff just yesterday. I haven't used Insteon in 2 years. :roll_eyes:

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