SOLD HE Hub + Iris Contact & Motion sensors $100 Shipped

Haha the HA stuff sure is easier to hide than the Vinyl Records I started Collecting. Those are too easy for her to keep track of for some reason.

I'm already in the dog house for the other hobby. No way to slip a 4ft long RC helicopter into the house unnoticed.


Tell me about it!!!!

I have a 450 too :slight_smile:

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What model is this?

a Logo 480

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That's a cool Hobby, I have a Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 that I bought many years ago along with tons of parts and accessories but the Gyroscope got lost in shipping and ended never buying that last part / flying it...

I did assemble it and put it in a shelf in the man cave and all my friends always ask "...that is so cool, when are you going to fly it? let me know I want to go with you and see it..."

My hobby attention span is too short... :man_shrugging:

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Sell it. There's Insteon users that would buy it. It's rock solid stuff and from what I've seen, it retains resale value.

Just put it in a box in the back of the closet and tell her you sold it. she'll never know the difference.

All the best, man.

I disliked HS software a lot. Great hardware though.