SOLD - For Sale: Lot of Sixteen (16) Samsung Leak Sensors - $120 inc shipping (US only)

I've replaced all of my zigbee leak sensors with zwave 700 ones, so am selling the zigbee ones.

I have 16 Samsung Leak Sensors they are the 2nd gen F-WTR-US-2 ones (no top probes - see picture). All working.

I am trying to sell them as a lot 1st (easier for me, better deal for who buys them), but may break the lot apart if I get no takers.

Could make more selling them individually on eBay, but I simply don't have the time right now - but you won't offend me if you buy them, then turn around and sell them on eBay and make a few $$... lol

Price: $120 inc shipping (US only)

(EDIT: Oh, and to keep this Hubitat related - these sensors work PERFECTLY with Hubitat!!! :slight_smile: )


Just curious what did you replace them with?

I wish I needed more of those sensors, very nice price. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to add a couple bathrooms and another kitchen to justify purchasing these. :wink:

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zooz zse42

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Sold. PM me details to make payment.

If the first sale doesn't go thru, I'll buy them.

What made you decide to replace may I ask? Migration to 700 series?

Zse42 looks nice too bad I can't get them in canada

Doesn't sell/ship to canada? If not, I'm sure they will show up on sooner or later.

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I have ordered from them before but it appears they no longer accept Canadian addresses

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They don’t:

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You could use a type of service to forward your package to Canada for a fee, sometimes it's cheaper than buying it local anyways when you buy more than 1 item.