(Sold) For sale: Hubitat C-7

TWO ONE used Hubitat C-7 for sale (one already sold):

  • purchased Sept 20, 2020 and Nov 22, 2020
  • working perfectly when decommissioned from my setup: Aug 28, 2022 and Sept 20, 2022
  • factory reset using the instructions given by @bobbyD
  • includes power cable & supply, ONE instruction manual, and NO Ethernet cable (sorry, the original is gone, and I need the longer cable I swapped it for)
  • running the latest platform release:

Asking $60 + $9.45 flat-rate shipping. $100 + shipping for the pair... should be in the $13-15 range at the upper end (depends on where you live, could be cheaper). Shipping to the US only - I won't deal with customs or import/export issues. PM me if interested.

Pictures of what's included:

Why are you selling it? Discount without the ethernet cord?

I've been consolidating zwave and zigbee meshes in my house, and I concluded one C7 was plenty, making this one superfluous. I'll knock off $5 for the Ethernet cable, if you want to supply your own.

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If you do later consider overseas shipping (UK) I'll buy it ...

Aren't the radios set to region-specific frequencies? I thought a N American version wouldn't work (or wouldn't be legal, at any rate) elsewhere in the world.

At least one of them is I think.... I think it is the ZWave one...?

Zigbee is the same globally.

Z-Wave uses different frequencies around the globe, however the C-7 hub has a 700 series Z-wave radio that can change its frequency based on the region you configure your hub for. Thus, one hub to rule them all! (The power supply will be slightly different, due to country-specific wall plugs.)


Helpful information although in my case I would not be using the Z-Wave (or ZigBee) radio in the unit as I am almost completely IP based.

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Decommissioned another hub and am now offering two hubs to a good home- see the OP for details.

One sold. One left... see OP for details.

If there is still one left, please message me


Gave up on getting any interest in the HE forums, so I put it on ebay. Feel free to jump in and bid - the auction closes in a little over an hour.



Forgot to give you the link: Hubitat Elevation C-7 Hub, S2 Security & Smart Start, Z-Wave 700 series, Zigbee | eBay

great thanks

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