Solar inverter output measuring UK

The house we moved into last year has solar panels with a Fronius IG TL inverter in the loft. It all works well and as it's been there since 2011 it's on a good Feed In Tariff which is a nice bonus.

So far I've done no monitoring of it other than to send quarterly meter readings. But I'm now thinking it would be nice if I could see how much power it's generating from within Hubitat.

I've started looking at various options but thought I'd see what others are using and how well it works. As usual I guess being in the UK limits options but I don't mind if it's Zwave Zigbee or LAN, so long as it plays nicely with HE.

Geoff, you mean something like this?

The tile in the middle top row is using data from an aeon hem connected to my inverter
Unfortunately, finding the correct version hem with the correct driver is difficult in the uk


That's exactly what I mean Andy - trust you to have already sorted it!!

So what HEM are you using for that?

I managed to get some of these before they went out of stock

These are the details and model number if you can find one.
MAX 60A, 1 Phase, 260V~.
Model Number:DSB28-ZWEU(868.42MHz),
input: 230VAC, 50Hz, 10Ma

Then I converted a driver to do things like send me a summary of usage once a month.
Unfortunately, the driver does not work on the later HEMs

You need a single phase, single clamp HEM but I don't have a working driver for one apart from the one above.
If you can find a working driver in the community then I can add my extra bits to it for you.

Obviously, the displays are Supertiles.

This is the preferences section of the driver..

I have added a few bits and get the driver to send me a pushover every month with usage data
Then reset it ready for the next month

This will really hurt...
I bought 5 refurbished ones from Amazon (as Aeon were selling them there)

I paid £20 each for them :slight_smile:


@Cobra Thanks for all the info Andy. Vesternet have these on sale ending today but I can't see the exact model number. Do you know if this will do what I want or is this the newer version?

As it's z-wave plus, I would suspect that it is the newest version.

Geoff, there may be a community driver for it, but I just don't know

It appears to be the same as this one..

Have a look at this thread..


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Thanks again. I've just found the exact same model as yours DSB28-ZWEU(868.42MHz) on Ebay, so I've jumped on that .

do they have any more?
I would buy a couple more if I can

BTW.. did you see this?

It looks like a couple of people are having some success with the later Gen5 device

I might try one of those again.
Can always return it via Amazon if I can't get it to work :slight_smile:

Sorry, no it was just a guy selling one he had bought a while back but never used. £55

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The driver is a bit rough, with lots of code commented out but I've been using it for 12 months without problems.

The driver is here:


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Thanks Andy. I've loaded it up ready for the HEM arrival.

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