Solar inverter driver tile

Hi everybody!

Have written a driver for my solar inverter so I get a lots of values from it.
I can show values in separate dashboard standard tiles but I want to present this in a nice custom tile.

Must I use a third party dashboard or can I just create a custom tile?

@garyjmilne 's Tile Builder is likely what you will need:

[RELEASE] Tile Builder - Build Beautiful Dashboards


Several solutions out there, but since it is your driver and you have access to the code you can also create an attribute with custom HTML in it to display the attributes you value, and use that attribute to populate a dashboard tile. One thing to note is that the dashboard will not display attributes that exceed 1024 bytes (there are ways around this, but....).

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Tried it out but gives you no classes to hang your design on for any element.

I can try that! Thx!

You probably tried one of the table modules but you need the advanced version if you are going to create or extend classes.

I think what might work better is the Tile Builder Rooms module which has about 50 built in formatting classes and you can add your own quite easily. It’s free form so you are not bound by a grid and can put information anywhere you want.

If you could post a sketch of the layout you are looking for I’m sure I could help.

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I sent you the donation today :smile:
Will try the advanced version!

Thank you. I sent you back a key. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Each of the modules has some significant level of documentation so be sure to check out those resources.

I did it with an simple attribute in the driver. Iam into minimal stuff :smiley:
And yes I know. Not much solar power in Sweden this time of the year :laughing:

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That is definitely the simplest. But if you find yourself coding all kinds of things into your driver for HTML formatting you might reconsider.

Starts to look like something :slight_smile:


If someone are interested in the drivers I keep them at github

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