Soil Moisture Sensor

I was just wondering if anyone has run across a soil moisture sensor that would work with Hubitat?

There is one that connects to the EcoWitt Gateway devices, which I am now the custodian of.

To add a bit more weight to the selection of EcoWitt... Apart from my involvement :wink: The SM sensors connect to an EcoWitt Gateway device via RF which in turn sends sensor readings to an HE hub locally via HTTP. There are options to view the data remotely via the EcoWitt website, but in terms of automation, all the communication required is local.

The SM sensors are powered via single AA battery. While I have 4-5 myself, I can't claim to have needed to use them much in recent times here (heap of rain in recent years).

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Thank you very much for the information. These products could add another level of entertainment for me.


To be honest I haven't seen too many other options out there, not that I've looked extensively, but at least in the commentary I have seen here on the Community, I can't remember too many alternatives people have raised. I hope there are.... it is always good to have options.

Do you have a particular use for the sensors? Are you wanting to use them for pot plants indoors? Or outdoor planter boxes? Or something else?

Actually I have what I will call a geek friend (brilliant) to whom I want to introduce Hubitat. I was just looking for a sensor which lines up with one of his interests. We will have to wait and see if the Hubitat seed germinates for him. :slight_smile: He is very proficient with Raspberry Pi for numerous projects though I believe for quick & simple automations that Hubitat provides a good path.

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Then I expect EcoWitt will likely suit a variety of options, including integrating with Hubitat.

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I use those Ecowitt soil moisture sensors to keep track of House plants in hard-to-reach places and potted plants on the back porch. last year I drowned a couple plants because both me and my wife kept watering them. Now it's just when needed, and yes. the variety of Ecowitt sensor is a whole new rabbit hole to go down!!


I use this zigbee soil moisture sensor. It's been reliable so far (2 years outside). : Plaid Systems Spruce Irrigation Soil Moisture Sensor Gen 3, Compatible with SmartThings, Hubitat : Patio, Lawn & Garden


This is an alternative Chinese-designed soil moisture sensor, currently priced at about 26 Euro :

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