SOFABATON X1 - Universal Remote with Wifi / BT / IR control and a Local API

Yeah I wont even consider a remote without backlit buttons these days, imo it's a mandatory feature.


I've also backed the X1, but I've been trying to find out if the hub has a built in IR blaster, or if you always need the extenders. Anyone know?

It definitely does.

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@dJos @JasonJoel

Does this SofaBaton X1 really work?
Does it have a API with a Hubitat interface?

Any other recommendations for a Universal Remote Control (with Hubitat interface)?

They are ramping up production atm, first units should be shipping from the 16th of this month. As a result I cant answer your questions yet.

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Lazy question from a sad about the end of support (but still dedicated!) Harmony Hub user... :wink:

Can you set it up so when in an activity the volume keys control a receiver, and other keys interact w/ShieldTV UI?

I don't like the location of the Back button for the scrolling menu at the top of the screen...pretty terrible ergonomics on that. Once you're in an activity how much do you need to use that screen/menu? I'm thinking/hoping it's just needed primarily to choose an activity and then you're on to the other controls lower down on the remote.

Yes, the demo's all confirmed that.

Yeah, I don't much like it either, but the buttons can apparently be remapped - the back button at the top is only for the display menu so it's not a huge deal for me.

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Thanks for confirming. Since the kickstarter is sold out I won't be trying one any time soon, so looking forward to your real-world experiences when you get yours.

Oh, and forgot to mention, I do like the Sofabaton name. :wink:

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I had a pretty low backer #, so I'm hoping I'll get mine pretty soon after they start shipping....


It's rather clever, I like it too. :smiley:

Their other remote is on Amazon so I doubt you'll need to wait too long before general availability.

I didn't want to bring this up, but I am still a little bit hurt about their lack of interest in my suggestions for the product name:

  • CouchMachete
  • TVThing-a-ma-bob

Both of which I think had great potential, especially the latter, since that's what most of their customers over 60 will be calling it no matter what the name is. :wink:


Received my X1 today, have any of our community developers tried experimenting with the API for a possible habitat integration?

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I am still waiting for my X1 to arrive. They are getting lambasted on the Kickstarter chat thread about shipping times.

Did you see an API document posted anywhere? I couldn't find one, so I just emailed their customer support to request it.


nothing in the manual about the API :pensive:

Unlikely that would be in a normal user manual...normal users are always even familiar w/what an API is. Have you looked on their web site?

Don't see anything with regards to it other than it is going to be open source. Perhaps it isn't released yet.

Probably not their top priority at the moment, but hopefully they will come through w/the goods over time. We've been hurt before, but hope springs eternal. :slight_smile:

Can someone who has already received your control share the impressions about it? I'm a Harmony user, and I'm already looking for a replacement.

Just received mine yesterday, initial impressions are that the build quality is great. The application (on Android) seems adequate. I haven't really had a chance to play with setting it up completely yet.


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