SOFABATON X1 - Universal Remote with Wifi / BT / IR control and a Local API

I've pre-ordered a pair of Sofabaton* X1 Universal Remote's to replace my aging Harmony One and even older URC MX-810 / MRF-300 combo.

Logitech has announced they are quitting the universal remote biz and URC are openly hostile towards prosumers wanting to buy and program their own remote systems, so this looks like a good alternative. This isn't their first remote, the U1 looks to be quite popular as a basic Universal IR remote. Oh and the pricing on these at retail is much more reasonable than Logitech's!

While these have been promised to have Google Assistant and Alexa voice integration, the most exciting part for me is the promise of a full local API. As Hubitat is the leading Comercial Home Automation Hub, it would be great if Hubitat could reach out to Sofabaton and create an official integration with them? @bravenel @bobbyD

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 8.26.31 am

*Sofabaton is a hilarious name, but very apt imo. :rofl:

UPDATE: Here are my thoughts on the remote as of April 2022


Yeah I ordered 2 of those when the campaign began. Watched that video this morning - much more interesting than the last couple Sofabaton released directly.

My only issue with the video is he definitely should NOT have used the Harmony cradle to hold the remote. Even though it says in the video that it is the Harmony cradle, I guarantee some people are going to be confused by that being in there and pissed when their remote does not come with a cradle. Really bad idea of him to do that.



I noticed the same thing, although he did mention he'd like them to produce a cradle for it.

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He did mention it, too. No argument. And I agree with him on that point, I would have prefered a cradle, too. I'm guessing I could make a 3d printed one if I really want one, though.

good idea, make sure you share the STL files! :+1:


Probably something like this, but obviously Sofabaton shaped. :wink:

Or just design it for a right angle connector like this, and then plug a regular cable into it from behind. Would be easier to make with this, actually.

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That would be great and it would save the original plug from wear and tear.

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Or, depending on where the port is (I've never seen a good pic of the bottom of it) a generic usb c dock like they may even work. We'll see!

It looks like this:

So that stand might just work!

EDIT: thinking about it, I like the style that Logitech used as it guides the remote onto the connector preventing inattentive family members from breaking your remote or stand.

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So, no IP control? Which means state guessing. Inference based on adding Denon receiver. Denon AVRs have a well documented API. See: Hubitat driver(s).

Not sure, But I don't use IP control on my Harmony either. It is too slow versus IR commands.

And I have never seen state guessing to be an issue, it sends an on when I turn on an activity and it sends off when I hit off on the remote. And it switches inputs when I tell it to switch inputs...

At least for my uses this has never been an issue. But I never change modes or inputs outside of the Harmony remote, maybe that's the difference.

For on-off detection and home automation I use node red to the receiver api.

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Yes, this.

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That makes sense. I haven't been following along real close on IP control on the sofabaton, so I don't know if that's in the works or not.

Their Kickstarter documentation is extremely unclear on the issue.

I was almost going to pull the trigger on this one but backed after finding out that the remote itself does not have a IR blaster in it, It only talks to the base unit and the base unit sends out the IR codes, Bluetooth and whatever other protocol they support. Whit my setup this would be a no go and broke the deal. Also tried to get some answers and never got a reply back from them, so that did not inspire confidence in the company either.

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I set my Dad up with a U1 and he hasn't had any complaints so far. And he borders right up along the line of "belligerent luddite" so I've been impressed so far.

I wish the keys were backlit on the X1.

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I was under the impression that it does do IP control.

All my lounge room gear lives in a solid cabinet so that’s not an issue for me.

Plus you can run multiple IR blasters in parallel from a single port- I’ve been doing this from my MRF-300 for years.

They are.



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