So What Does 2023 Hold For Your Smart HE Home?

What are your plans for 2023? Time to put down your commitments in writing.... No pressure though, I can't say I lived up to mine last year.... :slight_smile:

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Get back on the bike and lose about 70 lbs


Is that you or me.... Or both... I could certainly do with an exercise routine.... Though I certainly have all the equipment required....

I'm at 304 right now (lost over 20lbs in the hospital) I need to get down to 220 again. I've become unhealthy in the last few years

Well I'm sure there will be something that can help you achieve that around here. No silver bullets I'm sure... but some assistance I am sure.

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  • Complete outdoor lighting
  • Add exterior IP cameras (not specifically HE, since I have not connected Unifi Protect)
  • Install Sinope valve and water meter (soon to be natively compatible)
  • Purchase zero button cell batteries; replace sensors as batteries die with AAA-powered sensors
  • Install two more smart-by-bond fans
  • Add another motion sensing light circuit in basement (probably just a Lutron Maestro Occupancy Switch)

I haven't been on a scale in a long time, but put me down for 20 lbs (9 kg). Wait, is this being recorded for posterity?

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Perhaps I need to setup a "lifestyle changes for 2023" topic as well....? :wink:


I went with Hue outdoor lights last year... right call!

I also am swapping out my Arlos for a new camera system. I think I have settled on camect and amcrest though I am also a Unifi shop. I'm going to dual stream to an Amcrest NVR for high def recording and send a lower def stream to camect for object recognition and HE integration. I really want to use the camect person recognition to control the Hue outdoor lights rather than relying on Hue motion sensors. The motion sensors work fine but they trigger on things other than people. I'm using Arlo and IFTTT to do that now and it works, though the Arlos are just not reliable enough.

And I also want to install two more Bond-enabled fans!

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My list:

  • add face and plate identification to Blue Iris (which is integrated with HE)
  • finish installing influxDB and grafana to monitor my IotaWatt energy boards
  • replace motion sensors with microwave human sensors
  • better tablets and dashboards
  • install Ecowitt

Put me down for 40 more lbs ugh. 70 down, 40 more to go!


And make the C7 work only when the speed sensor on the bike indicates over 5 mph

I had a TIA a few years ago. One carotid was 80% blocked and the other was 90% blocked. My cardiologist saw I wasn’t losing weight after the surgeries and really drove it home when he said “I’ve done my part. Now you do yours by losing weight.”

Started about 245 and have been roller coasting down to my current 218.

I don’t like the bike. My preference is the open road so I don’t ride in the winter. Barely in the summer. Arthritis in hips and knees is managed by 420 medical so I am mellow most of the time (which explains some of my posts) :sunglasses:

Big thing was laying off the soda and bread. Even diet soda is no good. I am 95% water, with one Bud Light on the weekend, and maybe a Fanta orange once a month.

I have a Wyze scale that charts weight, BMI, and other data. I weigh once a week.


The way things are going, I'll be updating the hub every couple of days

My #1 goal Is to get out of this temporary rental house and into a house I own so I can reinstall all of the in-wall Z-Wave switches, plugs, etc. currently sitting in a box. Hopefully the home will also already be wired with CAT5 or, at a minimum, coax throughout the house. The rental house has neither so I have to rely on Wi-Fi.

  • Maybe finally get serious about a main water shutoff, especially since the water heater has a date of 1996 on it. Tick tock. :grimacing:

  • Install bathroom exhaust fans triggered by humidity. We have three baths and NONE have vents. Well, one has a vent, but it vents to the attic. :roll_eyes:

  • Continue my never-ending quest for some sort of camera system. My Wyze cameras have been Ok, I guess, but they're a little slow to respond sometimes and I'm not crazy about relying on the cloud all the time. Always interesting to see what others do.

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On the plus side they fix stuff REALLY quickly

I will blame the pandemic somewhat for this. Sitting in meetings at home instead of getting up and walking through the office all day has had a negative impact on me at least. Not to mention the unlimited snacks at home.

As to HA, permanent addressable holiday lighting., Probably will start in the spring.

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I have also considered this. I have been working on insulation and air sealing and adding hurricane straps, so I have the soffit trim off right now. I thought about running wiring (or an outlet) for this purpose while I have everything apart.

My neighbors have all done soffit lighting but using spot lights (recessed cans) under the eave. I like the look, but I really would like the color changing and not having to climb on the roof for Christmas lights and have to take them down every year.


I started this thread a while back. May ask @bobbyd to reopen it ...


Will possibly change a few of my switches to the 800 series Z-Wave from Inovelli when they come out, and will for sure get the new Inovelli motion detection ones if/when they come out. Will look at changing some of my motion sensors to PIR. Other than that, I suspect I’ll gift some of my current dimmers to my father and set those up for him. I suspect I’ll continue tweaking my rules.

I’m thinking of doing this some day as well… I’ll keep an eye on what you find!

I was also finding that my weight was going up lately. I had pretty much cut out soft drinks, so I also cut out tasty chocolat chip banana muffins and cheese at breakfast, and chocolates for desert at lunch and dinner. Kept my 2x 30 minute walks with the dog. Weight went down by about 20 lb in 2 months, and kept going down (lower than my goal) so I am re-introducing chocolate… Oh how I love chocolate… but will still cut the quantity…

Ouch! I wonder how much sediments it has in it - there’s a risk the bottom element is not able to work if it is buried… I changed mine to a Heat Pump Water Heater this summer and am so very happy with it! It should pay itself off in 5 years just with the energy savings.