So what do you do when you run out of things to automate?

Automating everything has taken up most of my free time in the last few months. Now that I'm pretty much done I find myself looking for something else tinker with. Short of buying an F-18 or something crazy... what have others moved on to tinker with? Money is not really an issue within reason.

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By a C-7 and rebuild your entire network from ground up :man_facepalming:

The funner new hobby is low voltage lighting. Landscape, deck, sheds, you name it I think I have a light on it now. lol

Weather Station? Solar power? Backup Generator?

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Buy a restoration project auto and rebuild. I would go with a MG-B GT or other small, technically obsolete cars. The MG-B is easy to work on and areas are relatively accessible.

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Since my cats are toilet trained, I plan to learn how to make an automatic flusher with an Arduino or ESP8266. I know both can be added as devices to Hubitat, so I guess I'm going to learn how to make any object smart. This project is a bit beyond my current skillset, so we'll see if it comes to fruition.

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Just finished with that.

With the weather cooling down now it may be a good time to do the landscape lighting.

I had one in the marines that everyone passed on to the next group as they came on base. I barely fit in it. My knees were against the dash the whole time. I do want to upgrade the TPN module in my truck for 4g and the new Sync remote start, lock unlock. I guess I could start that as well. The Ford Remote Access that's in it currently works so well with Hubitat but they are killing it off in December so that needs to get done soon. Not looking forward to cutting a hole in the roof or the 50 feet of wires I'll have to run though.

Weather in Houston is always hot and raining, solar power is too expensive right now. Just renewed for 3 years at 6 cents. The adjusted rate with solar was going to be around 11 cents. My HOA would probably try to evict me if I put in a backup generator.

My next automate anything is probably going to be a glitter bomb overhead at the front door with facial recognition so I can mess with friends when they come over.

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Our big oak trees look fantastic in the winter. We only did white, but of course now the wife wants RGB for the holidays (not here happen soon).

With money not an option, and if I had to start over, I might go with the Luxor. The company has some training videos, but I never got further than bookmarking them for another day. If you do, LMK how they are. Not sure how they would integrate with HE, but they list all the major players on their site Lutron, Control 4, Servant, and Crestron.

For "normal" white LV lights, use the Zooz 3n1 dry contact relays to get zone control via HE, for more areas per transformer. We use mostly the the Lowes "profile" brand over HD (metal casing not plastic), but we a couple "Hampton bay" units she likes too.

Either way if you do decide to jump in save yourself a ton of time and rent one of these.

I'd ask @april.brandt, as I recall she collected a thread of ideas, and has linked a few of her own ideas!


I think you need to do a few show pieces. I was there for a while. I did an automated radio. Nothing that was necessary, but it was fun to figure it out. Do a little spin through the house and pick out things that will be nice. Something for your bar? A dispenser of some type. Adruino would suit this well. I'd like to figure out how to automate windows and doors. I'd also like to find a decent solution for shades. I have one very large window that will be very expensive with the current options in the market. Hopefully I sparked those creative juices to flow.

Take a deep breath, relax, think, and bam it will come to you. I too just finished a complex migration for a client out of state and I need the breather. I am trying to work with a new electrician that specializes in low voltage work and that may be my next endeavor. I told him that he needs to hook up with a interior designer but his last job looks incredible with all sorts of bias lighting, behind, under, all over where you didn't think lighting would make a difference.

I'm building pan/tilt laser turrets with raspberry pi's. 3D printing the mounts and cases. HE can get to them with MQTT. Endless opportunities for errors and learning.

I thought about building another ar-15 turret but an fbi guy moved in next door.


I'm working on permanent holiday lights for my house using addressable pixels. If you're interested check out

You could take a little break from your home automation hobby and spend extra quality time with your family. And watch a little football.


Texas state law they have to allow it. Check the board's policies. The board should have issued a policy bringing the CC&R's on this (and several other interesting matters) inline with State and Federal laws. Most people just read the CC&R's and assume that they can't do something, but a little digging they will find the answers they want.

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i picked up a NodeMCU so i can retrofit some things and make them smart...we'll see how it goes

Bit of a left field idea, find a local museum and help with the motion lighting and audio for displays etc ?

Wife just got over cancer so I can't really go out in public or I'd be putting her at risk with all the covid going around.


Sorry mate, didn't realise, Hope she beats it !! Stay well and stay safe !!

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There is a guy locally who's into that - amazing stuff he does w/his annual Christmas display. This is indeed a hobby that could take over every waking minute you have... :wink: