SMS Messages using Twilio getting blocked, need to register number for A2P 10DLC

I use apple. and notifications are certainly not gone forever. They store the last 30 in the hubitat app, or if you use pushover the last month. That said I use priorities for my messages. (mainly normal and high) For normal stuff like windows open when it's raining, or one of the kids leave doors open etc I use a standard done with standard priority. For high priority messages like water leaks, I use a siren tone and there is a red emergency mark on the message so I don't dismiss it easily. (emergencies also repeat once a minute)

Pushover is much better than the builtin notifier for this as well as history.

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So is everything on a phone even SMS lol...

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@velvetfoot @rlithgow1 Thanks for the suggestions about Pushover. I had briefly explored it a year ago and decided I didn't want to have yet another app to check for communications. However, given the complications created with the compliance changes for Twilio, I decided to give it another look. It looks like it will work for most and probably all of the use cases I am currently using Twilio for. Having the ability to have normal and high priority messages is definitely a plus. I also like the ability to track new/seen messages. This is one of the things that I has kept me from using the native Hubitat notification history.


Well s4@$.....

"Hi Dustin,

Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the confusion. Right now the Campaign rejection reason is available through the API and console. For a full overview of why Campaigns can be rejected, what each rejection reason means, and our Campaign submission best practices please see Why Was My A2P 10DLC Campaign Registration Rejected

If you have any further questions or confusion about a Campaign status, please provide me with your Campaign IDs and Account SID for the Campaign(s) in question, and we can provide more guidance to why they failed.

Kindest Regards,
Twilio Support"

A non-answer answer, a reply without any actual help. ....sigh.... @user5165

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After reading through the things I would have to change, I'm pulling the plug on Twilio. In my eyes, it's not something that will work for a single purpose with a very small set up. I am ok with the regulations being in place, it's long overdue, but it also means it's out of my reach, at least right now. Time to move on to some other solution.

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I'd be interested in what you come up with.

Giving Pushover a try. I like the ability to optionally send at a given priority, or only to specific devices, or using custom sounds (using the most recent driver from his GitHub).

Given these notifications are almost always problems in the house (water, fire, intruder), I might set it by default to High Priority. Even with a free account you can send 10,000 notices/month (rate limited), but there's a $5.00 lifetime activation fee for each [EDIT] "platform" that can receive messages (iPhone, Android, or PC). Every device gets a unique identifier but all have to be on the same account [/EDIT]. For my purposes and the low volume of messages, this should be good enough for now. For my friends, I'll figure out a different method, as I'm not keen giving them my account login as they can do whatever once they have that. Message history is not as important, so if it only stores 20 or 30 in the app, I don't care.

Instructions here, but get the driver from the GitHub as the most recent version: Pushover Notifications Driver [Slightly Enhanced]

[H]^Wife's Buttons^HusbandPixel:heart: ATTENTION REQUIRED! :heart: %date% %time% #magic#

[H] high priority (or default set in custom Device settings)
^^ title of notification (default if is missing)
** device name (or all devices if empty or missing)
#magic# specific sound by name (look in the app to see what they are called, and you can upload custom ones that can be sent to all devices on the account)
%% parameters that are part of Hubitat's formatting tool

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You one account can have multiple oauth keys So even for families it only requires on lic.

Right, you pay a license for which "platform" you which to receive notices on, so ALL Android phones for example, BUT each phone would have to log into the SAME account (they're tracked as individual devices, but all on the same account). This doesn't work for notifications to my friends, but it's a start for targeting notifications to SPECIFIC devices in my "pool" and notifications can be played as "Alarm" on the phone which bypasses Do Not Disturb in many cases, which is what I want. That's actually a really good feature I wasn't expecting and happy to see.

Twilio did try to get me to buy an 800 number instead of a 10D local number, but that requires a website for verification (they assume you're a business and ask for "legal entity name"), which still adds costs I don't want to spend. So that account is getting refunded/closed.