I spent all day reading smoke detector threads, but I think mine is different. I love the Nest Protect product. I love that it helps me remember to check the system, it never had false alarms, and it talks to me it gets closer to alarming. But I want to be able to integrate an alarm into my ecosystem: shut off AC (can do this with nest thermostat), power up the dog door, unlock all the doors, and text neighbors.

I don’t need the PIR motion unmasked or anything else for that matter. Just need alarm integration.

Not sure exactly what you're looking for; however, the Ecolink Firefighter can integrate other smoke detectors/alarms into Hubitat.

It pairs to HE as a z-wave smoke detector and is triggered when it detects alarm audio from other smoke/CO detectors.

Sounds like you have Nest and like it, is that it? You want a Nest integration? That’s Google’s mess. Until they clean it up, this is an option for the Nest Protect IF, you are a HomeKit and iOS user. It’s not perfect, but it does work.

I want to keep Nest Protect and integrate it with Hubitat only in the event of smoke detected.

Many of the other threads were trying to integrate the motion sensor, etc. I’m not.


One way to do it is using the Ecolink Firefighter.

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Same. I don’t have a Nest thermostat, and just wanted my Nest Protects to turn on lights and set my Ecobee to OFF if there’s a smoke or CO alarm. The Homebridge plugin I linked to does that. But it requires you are an iOS and Homebridge user, and have the right device to do HomeKit automations.

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Because of how google has handled this, I would entertain this FirstAlert. Unfortunately though, my Alexa responds to "Alexa, Turn Up The Music" with "Get off your butt and do it yourself Dad!"