Smoke alarm went off, HSM didn't perform

Burnt the bacon.

Smoke alarm went off, but none of the HSM automations happened. HSM did show "ALERT" in the dashboard, but I was not able to clear it, or find where to clear it, and it eventually disappeared on its own.

Any ideas? Latest FW.

Hmmm, what kind of smoke detectors do you use?

First Alert. The one that went off did indeed show detected in the events.

So I just tried manually selecting each smoke/co2 detector instead of using "Use All...". Held up an incense stick and made it go off. Same issue, no automations and HSM only shows "ALERT" in red, with no place to clear it that I can find(?) - And goes away on its own.

So since that's a community driver I'm guessing, have you confirmed the driver is triggering as it should? I'm a Nest Protect user so I'm unfamiliar with this, but wondering if you can configure the driver to trigger a virtual switch to see if that works.

Oh and by the way, do protect your hearing and your families while doing this. I believe this is a related cause of some damage to my own hearing I did when testing my Nest Protects. They are VERY loud.

Hmm, no it's the built in Generic Smoke/CO2 Detector driver. Performing as expected... Showing as it should in Events. I really shouldn't need to fool around with virtual switches for a smoke detector...

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Oh no, I meant just for testing. Sorry, I didn't realize you could use a generic driver with those. As I said, I'm a Nest Protect user so I don't have much of an idea of what I'm talking about here.

Ah yeah. First Alert is probably the 1st or 2nd most popular one here. I'm thinking something's up with HSM but need someone else to verify. (And would like to keep my testing to a minimum, lol) :ear::loudspeaker::loud_sound::skull_and_crossbones:

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How about create a virtual omni sensor, attach it to HSM, and then trigger a smoke alert in the virtual omni sensor? That should confirm or rule out an HSM issue.

Great idea. Just did that and added it into the HSM rule. Triggered smoke-detected on the virtual. Same issue. HSM shows "ALERT" in Red, and nothing else is happening.

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Would up please show the HSM app events. Also, the screenshot you show above does not show Alert; when did you take that screenshot? You said above that you could not clear the Alert, so I'm confused about the sequence of events.

No sign of smoke.

HSM shows ALERT immediately after smoke detector detects smoke. Interestingly enough I left the virtual device on "detected", and the ALERT disappeared after a couple minutes, even though the virtual device still shows detected.

Regarding "clearing" the Alert, I haven't yet had a smoke event, so I thought it might be like the battery alerts where I have to go in and manually clear it. It shows ALERT in the App list, but doesn't appear anywhere after actually opening the app.

So there is no evidence that HSM alerted on Smoke, correct? And you don't know what caused it to show Alert? What virtual device are you talking about? Now I'm more confused. What Alert are you referring to, there is no Alert in the HSM logs.

The only evidence HSM shows is ALERT in the app list, like so:

I am currently testing using a Virtual Omni Sensor and triggering "smoke detected" that way in an effort to save my ears. Initially I did use a real smoke detector, twice, which prompted this thread.

I just set up HSM with a Virtual Omni Sensor, and set off smoke. It alerted as expected, and its notifications showed up as expected, and it logged the event as expected.

I can't tell from what you've posted what went on in your system. Would you show the App Status page for Event Subscriptions.

Sorry, App Status page for Event Subscriptions?

The gear icon to the left of the Hubitat Safety Monitor on the Apps page.

Thanks. So, if you toggle the xVirtual Smoke from clear to smoke, nothing happens with HSM?

Correct. It shows "ALERT" in the app list next to HSM, which then disappears after a few seconds. None of the expected automations happen. Same with CO2 Detected.

It can't show Alert in the app list unless you refresh that page. It's not a dynamic page. Are you refreshing it?