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This is why I typically wait for the dusk to settle on new releases but I thought id pull the trigger when I saw .124

I have set modes that I have been using for months no issue

The mode manager is doing its job, modes are changing at the right time but I have scenes set to fire "on mode change"

Can Simple automation not turn on scenes anymore ?

Tonight when the scene changes to evening no lights turned on for that scene. So I automatically turned the scene on - but within a few minutes my system turn them off again.

Usually with a HA update I might need to go into hub settings and click OK on the location or OK on mode manager and away we go again.

I dont really want to have to alter / adjust my settings because of an update with something as simple as scenes.

Can this be added back please @mike.maxwell @bcopeland @bravenel

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Will this RM3 fix the issue ?

Simple Automation Rule never had a Scene Activation option per se. It can turn on the Scene Activator device with SAR.

Can you please help me get it back to the way it was.

I have 5 modes, when the modes change I want to switch on the scenes 1.2 I have.

Will this work ?

You don't need separate triggers for each mode. You can use a single trigger selecting each mode.

so this will work ?

Yeah, but you don't need 'Scenes per mode', For that matter, you don't need the IF-THEN-ELSEIF either. Just a single Scene per mode will do the entire thing.

with the above rule, night mode scene activator is not firing when the mode changes to evening.
Is there another way I can try it ?

When the mode changes to night / in bed & day it fires but not evening.

is this how you explained the scene per mode to be changed to ?

Just use a single Scene Per Mode action. It allows scenes to be selected for each selected mode.

when the scene activates - its then being turned off by a lux setting that only regards to day mode.
mate this is super frustrating as everything worked great under 2.2.4

So don't have it turn off from lux.

when the mode/scene activates (evening) - its then being turned off by a lux setting that only regards to day mode.
mate this is super frustrating as everything worked great under 2.2.4

all these lux rules relate to Day mode, but are firing in Evening mode.

It seems as though you are chasing several different things. In the OP you talked about Scenes not turning on with SAR, without ever really digging into what had gone wrong. I'm sure you are frustrated. Maybe there was something in the update that upset the apple cart for you, but I don't know what it is. I do know that changing mode will turn on a Scene activator switch as you seemed to want to have happen, and then it will turn off again when the mode changes again -- using SAR.

The lux off option in Motion Lighting is not tied to any mode, just to lux value.

I thought initially that SAR wasnt activating the scene when the mode changed.

I have written that process in RM now and it is working, what i observed is that the lux rules that I had were overriding the activated scene and turning the lights off outside of the mode they were told to work in, that had been working for months.

*if you can please advise a way i can rewrite these to get them back that would be great.

@bravenel can you please advise how I can rewrite these since SAR is now not capible of achieving this.

this is rm3 rewritten like this work ?

What do you mean? To the best of my knowledge nothing has changed with SAR that would mean it no longer has some functionality it had at some point in the past. That doesn't mean there isn't some bug, but I seriously don't have a clue what you're talking about.

The below Motion Lighting illumniance rules I had have been working for a year.

After the recent update i thought that my scene activators were broken, but it was the Motion lighting rules that were activating my illuminance rules outside of their modes (day, evening, etc)

You have said previously..

Which is not true, ive been running the above illuminance rules for over a year.

What im asking now is if i rewrite them as RM3 rules, will this fix it / get them back for me ??