SmartThings motion detector frequently needs reset

I have 6 SmartThings motion detectors in my house, and 2 of them constantly go on the fritz and get stuck in either an active or inactive state (according to hubitat). So then I need to reset them all the time. It seems to happen following a power outage or hub reboot. Does anyone else experience this? We have a generator that powers the entire house, and I recently got a small UPS which should eliminate the unexpected hub shutdown. But a reboot after a firmware update seems to cause the same issue.

Yup. One of mine goes offline and need to repair it or take out and out the battery back in.

Could it be distance from the hub causing the issue? Maybe a zigbee repeater would help. I have 5 of the new smartthings motion sensors and have have 0 issues but my apartment isn't that big.

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I had this exact issue with my iris motion sensors a while back and was caused by a weak mesh. Adding repeaters resolved it for me.

I had the same issue with Bosch motions, I had 5 of them, replaced them with Iris v2 for obvious reasons


Not sure why they did that.

I had dozens of ST multi sensors. I loved them... initially. They were the fastest I've ever found. And then they started going TU. One by one, in less than a year, until eventually every single one of them failed.

I HATE Samsung. They ruin everything they do by failing quality.

I've experienced something similar. I had 8 of them, and in the last year I'm down to 2 working. They will only report battery level, and sometimes temperature. I've spent hours playing with them to get them working again... new batteries, resets/repairing, opening it up to take a look, throwing it against a hard object.. (The last one was more to make me feel better than to fix the device. If you too try that method, I highly suggest it as a last resort... not first). Every once and a while one comes back. But I think it's temporary.

My personal suggestion is try a brand new battery, play with it for maybe 15 to 30 minutes resetting/repairing, and if it doesn't start working save yourself the frustration and buy a new motion sensor.


I ditched them. It's the last Samsung thing I will ever purchase. Now, I just need to replace the fridge with the shite ice maker.:cold_face: