Smartsense Multi sensor v4 on a garage door?


I have a smartthings multisensor on my garage door using this driver. There's a place in the driver where it asks, "Do you want to use this sensor on a garage door?"

I'm not sure what to choose here. "Yes, xyz events (on or off)?".

Either way the sensor still says the contact is open. This behavior seems different than the way it was under ST. if the device is vertical it was closed, and if it moved face down it would say open. Is this not supposed to work the same way? Should the contact sensor be closed in garage mode or is this something else entirely?

Turn off xyz events, it's possible the orientation is different than st.

how should it be oriented? landscape? Portrait? Line on the left? Line on the right? Ty

I have a v1 (was an early ST user) and it is oriented portrait. It’s on the left side of my garage door, closer to my hub with the line to the left. I don’t use the magnet. I have xyz events on.

I have one of these on my garage door and had to rotate it 90 degrees when I moved to HE from ST. It’s now in Landscape for HE. You can pop it off it’s mount as if changing the battery and just move it around by hand simulating door positions while watching the device status to see the effects.

It shouldn't matter. Easy to test. Vertical means closed, horizontal means open (parallel to floor).

In my case, it did matter for whatever reason. I don’t know why. It would not show closed/open properly untilI rotated it. It was portrait for years in ST, but would not work in HE that way. Maybe I have a funky sensor.

Mine were ported from ST, and just stayed in whatever orientation they had before. Portrait mounted. Mine are set as garage with xyz on.

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Haha, that is weird. But, you didn't try both portrait orientations. And, when you have it horizontal, you have it upside down relative to how it will be mounted on the door. Battery will face down when open.

I could do it again, but honestly, I tried those orientations actually mounted on the door in and it still wouldn’t work. The battery would be properly oriented in any case when mounted as it only clamps in one way. The portrait orientation “shouldn’t” matter, but maybe it does. I’m only belaboring this because it took me a while to solve it initially. As I said, in ST, it worked fine in portrait. Like you said, easy for the original poster of the issue to test.
~OCD Update~

In true OCD issue, I just checked every orientation and the result is unchanged. It is weird though.

Also, FWIW, I'm using the driver called SmartSense MultiSensor -- not the one with V4 in the name.


Ah that's helpful. I was using the v4 one. The non v4 one gives you an extra "status" field rather than just contact, and when I switched it to "use with a garage door" it change to status "garage-closed" without having to move the sensor at all. Solved.

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Too simple and effective. You need to complicate it as I did. :slight_smile:

FWIW the contact field now works correctly too.