Smarthings and Honeywell total comfort thermostat

How do I connect Honeywell total comfort thermostat to smarthings. I linked through smarthings but when I add a device I have no option to use it. What am I missing?

Thanks, I am a novice

Can you describe what you want to do in more detail?


I want to be able to control my honeywell thermostat through smarthings. Thanks

Smartthings is another platform (Samsung) with it's own forum.
This is the Hubitat users forum.


sorry about that - thank you

No problem.
We'll welcome you with open arms when you get your HE C8! :slight_smile:

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If you have Hubitat, there is no need to use Smartthings and link to Hubitat. There is a community based Honeywell integration for Hubitat.

However if you really want to keep Smartthings, and bring devices into Hubitat, there is a different community based app for that.


is their a migration tool to simplify the process from Smarthings to C8?

No, that is like migrating from Apple to Android. Two completely separate ecosystems. There is no such tool to allow this.

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No but some benefits are that it would be your last migration. Everything is 100% local unlike ST. You can backup both the zigbee and z-wave radios (unlike ST) so incase of total failure you can restore to the existing hub or a new one without having to re pair. You can do far more complex automations with either rule machine or Webcore (webcore is no longer on ST). A more diverse hardware compatibility than ST as well. :slight_smile:


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