Smart ZigBee Strip Light Switch Controller for HE


I have it working but with the older driver, the one I suggested is the RGB and it should work fine. I have the RGBW. They have their own app so you can use it too.

For the options you posted, the problem is the driver, there is no driver for those. I know there is other controllers but they are expensive, plus the strip is apart the cost.


No, the light strip pairs directly to the HE hub, you do not need the Osram Gateway to do that. Take a look at the pictures in the photo I posted. The "Gateway" is in the left side picture and states "Sold separately". What you see in the right side picture in the upper right corner is the controller that come with the kit. The plug goes into the socket, then to the controller, then to the lights. The kit is all you need to connect to HE.

That Quotra strip you linked to is $49.98 for 80", the Osram is $44.83 for 72".


I have one and can confirm this!


Go it now.. I was confusing the controller with the gateway.... I though they were the same.... sorry.
Thanks CAZ.
By the way.. will be possible to have a whatsapp conversation with you in order to clearify some points on my end? my cell +53-54489697. I will appreciate somebody to check my project before I purchase the devices....


There are a couple of my MagicHome drivers in that set that seem to have an issue with slowdown—I’m actively working to address this, and I’ve been running a good number of them with no slow down at all for about two weeks on two hubs.

The MagicHome Kit VJV listed is good—I’ve seen some kits with 2 sets of strips that are as low as $15 on amazon :slight_smile: Truly a great starter kit, and it’s easy to swap the controller for Zigbee or something else down the road.


I finally decided for the Sylvania Starter Kit... it looks the safer option here :wink:
For a guy who is starting on this automate world I think will be better to have some devices first with no too many complications... then I can go deeper as all of you... who looks as expertises on these matters, LOL :smiley:

Anyway.. I just want to thank all of you for your fast responding and I promise to let you know how everything goes once I mount everthing. I fall in love with this Hubitat for sure.

And again... if somebody have some minutes for me to have a whatsup conversation It will be great... please remember english is not my mother tongue so .... be patient with me.


One Sylvania light strip

I ask Google and I'm using lifx control drivers from here.


Oye cuando quieras, suerte!


Gracias vjv.... I think you have to add my cell number to your contact right?
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I'm pretty sure that's your issue. I'm not aware of any lifx drivers as they are wifi and I remember reading that lifx isn't even supported. Change the driver to the "Generic Zigbee RGBW Light" and give that a try.


oops I wasn't thinking right. I have LIFX but that isn't LIFX. I do have the driver you recommend for it already.2019-03-05_18h05_31


Yeah, looks like a bad strip. Did you try another one? Sorry @aguileramekin don't mean to derail your thread, this would just annoy the crap out of me personally.


I know you've already decided but I just wanted to update that price I found. That was a kit from another seller. If you buy the starter kit and then the expansion pack from Sylvania on Amazon it's only $64.44


What I would like to find is home automation control for these strips!!!!

Probably roll my own with a PI with a RESTful interface or something..


OK, I really wish you hadn't posted that. I have no use for that but have been trying to come up with one for a while now. All I can come up with is, "I want it". That is really cool.


Don't worry CAZ if my threat is usefull for anyone then definitely it was a good idea to post it. I'm learning too with all these comments. And by the way I had a Whatsup conversation with vjv and he clarified a lot of points here. This forum is awesome :wink:


Actually, you can. Using some clever Arduino code, a NodeMCU (or any ESP8266 chip based microboard which you can get on Amazon for $5-15 dollars each) and a power supply, you can control WS2811/WS2812B strips and leds using MQTT or websocket commands.

All my outdoor lighting on my house is WS2811 12v individual LEDs (~8000 Pixels so far) and I control it using NodeRed and MQTT (along with Home Assistant for a dashboard interface). I started with Dr. Zzs ideas and also Bruh and made a LOT of mods to the underlying Arduino code. All my lights tie into MQTT (there is also a websocket library available which I am transitioning over to this year) and can do animations and all sorts of cool stuff. All in all, it cost me ~$600 total to do the entire front and sides of my house and probably about 30-40 hours total work from start to finish.


Okay so that looks awesome thank you..