Smart ZigBee Strip Light Switch Controller for HE

Just be warned... it's a rabbit hole of EPIC proportions. What started out as "Oh, I'm just going to put up some permanent lights because I'm lazy" has turned into "How much more money can I spend on Pixels this year?".


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I sure could use some guidance on the connectors.

See Display Case Project post


Did you get it sorted out? I did not have to cut mine. The 2' strips were perfect for me. That's why I went with the Sylvania. I saw on the other post your a looking for something "plug 'n' play" so to speak. There are some solutions but I have no idea if they will work. Also, you are going to need a 5 pin connector for the Sylvania. Something like this: or these: Angled Connectors

@CAZ did you have to cut your strips on your projects? If so, did you figure out a way to connect the cut side to another strip?


No, I didn't. Fortunately, 2' strips were what I needed.

I have the same issue. We’re you able to get your colors fixed?

I don't know
They are in my daughter's room and I don't use them
She has a ton of colored lights in the room and all sorts of colors and no complaints so far.

But I think she doesn't notice/care, she is five.

Thanks for the quick reply. If anybody else has suggestions for how to fix my color being off... please chime in.