Smart ZigBee Strip Light Switch Controller for HE

Hi guys
I'm trying to make a decision here and after 3hours of research I think is better to ask you for help. I want to use locally a strip led light (RGB or RGBW) with my HE and I read about sylvania kit or others like Qubino but all of them are kind of confusing form me at this stage, so I'm wonderign if these two devices will work together and with HE?:

Smart ZigBee Strip Light Switch Controller:"strip+light"7&qid=1551755773&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmr0

RGB Color Changing Flexible LED Strip Light:

I'm really concern about drivers and apps as those will be first steps on Hubitat and I don't want to spend money without results.... please take into account I never used Hubitat before but I'm electric engineer and I know a little bit about programming, computers and those stuffs so I think I can be able to manage to make a correct setup.

A friend from USA is coming to Cuba on these days, and he will buy them for me on Amazon, so I have a single chance to get these stuffs correctly.

Can you help me to decide which controller+strip to buy?

Do you have Philips Hue?

From a technical standpoint, the controller should expose itself as a Generic Zigbee RGB Light. Looking at the reviews on Amazon, I'm inclined to think that it is just a standard ZLL (maybe ZHA, not sure) controller. One of the reviews makes mention of 3A Nue RGBW strip controller with normal RGBW led strip lights: Manufacturer’s DTH - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community so it might make sense to port that driver over.

The other route would be, as @Royski asked, is if you have a Philips Hue hub. If you do, it looks like you can pair it directly to that without an issue.

As for the RGB strip, it looks like any RGB 5050 strip will work with the controller.

If you are looking for ease of setup, and will definitely work, I have the Sylvania light strip and HE has a built in driver for it. It was a quick and painless setup. You didn't mention how you would be using it but in keeping with your links, Amazon has a Sylvania Outdoor 16' strip listed for $54.99. I have the indoor version that comes in 2' strips. Considerably more expensive($89.99 for 10') but one of the main reasons I chose it is because it is already sectioned, as opposed to having to cut and solder(or other solution) the strips. You do, however, need to purchase connectors for them.

I have Sylvania light strip. It works fine with hubitat but first day I took it out of the box, it is missing colors or the coloring mapping is off. I ask for green and get yellow.

How are you changing the color? I had an issue myself with trying to set them manually(HSL) or by using scene capture due to the difference in Hue values. But if you get yellow, I'm pretty sure the green leds are working. Unless it's a warm white kind of yellow.

Hi all, thanks for the fast responding.
Let me trying to clearify my thoughs here....
As far I understood the main concern here is the controller for the strip lights.
It has to be zigbee or zwave compatible to be able to be discovered by the HE hub and of course HE needs to have a driver for it. I guess I can connect any strip led light to a controller as far as I respect the voltage and if its configuration RGB or RGBW (I saw some of them have different RGB order on the pins but I can manage to connect them correctly soldering or using external small cables to match the R + G + B +W pins). I think this is the main reason some guys are saying the colors on theirs systems shows different colors.

I was thinking to use the Sylvannia Flex Starter Kit "".
As I understood it says it has a controller but then on the description it says "The OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gateway is not required when using a different compatible ZigBee hub" so if the OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gateway is not required where is the controller?
I can't see it on the pictures on that kit. Can someone confirm if in that kit there is a zigbee controller? or I have to buy LIGHTIFY Gateway as well?

I need the strip light + zigbee controller lights right?

Sorry, to many doubts here :wink: as I am new on all of this.

Hi Royski
No I don't... I 'm trying to buy devices that can be connected directly to HE Hub.

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No problem :+1: Just makes these controllers so much easier :wink:

That is definitely not the reason, not for me anyway. That is the very product I referred to. The controller is the device that would receive the signal from the hub or bridge. In your case HE Hub. I know the terminology is very confusing. Hue has a bridge, HE a hub, Lightify a gateway. All you would need is that kit and your HE of course. Oh, and connectors, don't forget the connectors. Unless you plan on connecting them directly to each other. Mine are scattered under cabinets and I found much cheaper connectors than the ones listed on that page. Plus, I didn't need all that. They do not come with the starter kit. The only reason you may need an Orsram Gateway is if the strip needed a firmware update. Having said that, it may be possible to do that with the HE, but I don't know if you can.

CAZ when you say "All you would need is that kit and your HE.." you mean the Sylvannia Flex Starter Kit? I understood the Lightify a gateway is included then. Please confirm... I need to be 100% before to buy as I will not be able to return it from Cuba.

Beasides you mentioned "and I found much cheaper connectors than the ones listed on that page".. can you give me the link to buy them too?

A big THANKS for your advises my friend.

This is the Sylvania light strip and a picture of the controller. It connects directly with Hubitat. No OSRAM gate way needed.

This is what happens when I ask for blue.

This is what happens when I ask for yellow

No problem. Yes, the Sylvannia Flex Starter Kit. I don't think the gateway is included. Unless this is a picture of a different box. It did not come with my kit and that is exactly what I bought, on 10/9/2016, so sayeth Amazon. I really like that info on the Amazon page when you have purchased an item. The item in the top right of the right side picture is the controller. I should call it the receiver. That "receives" the signal from HE.

I bought these.

But do a search on Amazon for light strip connectors. There are thousands. You'll be able to find exactly what you need.

I'm still curious as to how you are asking for the colors but It seems apparent there is an issue with yours. When I tell Alexa to change the color it is accurate. How many light strips are on the back of that crib or bed? I ask because on the middle photo, it looks like there is also a light strip that is white.

Go it... now is clear for me, I have to buy the gateway apart (more money uff).
The connectors you show me are exactly the ones I need, they just perfect for my project. THANKS

Now looking for other cheaper option...
Will this can be connected directly with Hubitat Hub?

I see Quotra Wireless Smart Dimmer as a compatible device but I haave no clue is thsi driver can be used with this strip light.

I am trying to save money here.... sylvania is way to expensive for just a strip light.

Any other brand as a suggestion? please include link if possible

Keep in mind, you don't have to buy the gateway. As helene7t7 pointed out, it is not needed to work with HE. If for some reason it did not work properly, a firmware update might correct the problem. I had to do this back when I was on ST as the driver would not work unless the light strip was on the latest firmware. But, as I said before, it might be possible with HE, I just don't know. There is a topic for it, Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices.

Sorry, that is for z-wave.

I suggest to visit this thread, there are all the cheap options, links, drivers. Wifi by the way.

Nice kit to start

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But CAZ then... now I'm confused.
You said the gateway is how the strips light get connected to hubitat hub.
And that gateway is not included so? how the strips light will connect the HE hub? they have a another controller?

Thanks vjv I did before post here but if you read the complete article you will that project have some problems and it needs some adjustments yet.....

Any idea about other option? with my frist suggestion (controller + strip) I can get the strip lights working for less than 50USD...... more than 50 I think is too much for just some strip lights.

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