Smart ZigBee 3.0 Light Dimmer Switch HGZB-02A - changed title

I am looking at this Zigbee HA Gateway OnOff Single Channel Smart Switch which claims to be IEEE 802.15.4. What it does not say is if it is Zigbee HA1.2 or newer. The site claims that it works with Amazon Alexa and Samsung Smart Things. Is this likely to work with Hubitat, or should I avoid this device? I have some lights I would like to control, but don't want to spend $50 on a GE Zigbee switch.

One thing to note...the picture in the ad is very deceptive. If you install the switch the way they have it in the picture, you will not be able to turn the lights on from HE. Basically, the switch in this case is powering down the lights and the controller. So, no more smart control when the switch is off. Personally, anything with lighting i use a dimmer and not a switch. It just give you more options. These probably work but in the end how much are they saving you? You would have to have some other device for local control. The ad does say 90 day return. But when you're paying $4 to get it shipped to you and then prolly $10 to return if if it doesn't work...not really worth it. But that said, it probably works with HE because it says that it is zigbee HA.

If I were to install it in my house, the switch would be there. However, it looks like if the switch is left in the "On" position, the controller should then control the light. There are a few other sellers that sell them for a bit more, but I saw one that had free shipping for a cost that would be a little less than the cost of this one.

I have a couple of photocell equipped porch lights for dusk to dawn lighting that also have a switch. That switch gets left on so the photocell can control the light.

I was thinking more of using the a motion detector to control lights in various rooms in the house while not spending a significant premium for a Zibee light bulb.

The Sengled bulbs are only $9 each and you get dimming. Do you always have your lights on at full blast? You're probably going to want dimming.

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You need to hardwire this device, if you connect it as shown you will have nothing but issues, people will turn off the switch.
Replace the switch with a button controller...

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The lights I am considering are ones that we indeed run full blast. These are ones in two ceiling fans that currently are controlled by a wireless remote that is not connected to the Hubitat (or the Iris hub before that). We are used to leaving those switches on. I have put a tab on the switch that keeps it locked in the on position. The bulbs in the fan's fixtures are supposed to be dimmable, but we have noticed significant flickering when we run them anything but full-on. There are 5 bulbs in each fixture. That would be $90 to get bulbs. That is not insignificant.
Correction: 5 bulbs in one fixture, 4 in the other. That is still $81 for bulbs alone if I went that route. Also, the original bulbs flickered but I just checked and the newer bulbs I have in the one fan now seem to be stable when dimmed.

The other option is to go for two more of the Third Reality switches instead of the remotes. I know they work. However, they would not allow control of the fan speed that the remote does. I would like to find a ceiling fan controller that also controls lights, but I have only seen one that controls the fan itself.

If I can find one of these that is also a dimmer that is not too expensive, I would likely go with one. Rewiring the fixtures to separate fan and light functions is not in the foreseeable future. Something small that would fit in the fixture to control the light separately from the fan would be nice.

No matter what, building out a smarthome is expensive. Sadly, cutting corners often ends up costing more over time as you rip out what ended up being unsatisfactory and replacing it with what you should have installed in the first place.
If your fans are wired with two hot lines from the wall switch to the fan, you can use two wall switches, one a dimmer for the lights and a separate fan controller.

Unfortunately, that is not how they are wired. It only has one hot line. :disappointed:

I guess I will hold off on this idea until I decide whether to spring for rewiring or for the Sengled bulbs. I thank all of you for your advice.

Depending on how the wiring is laid out, you may not have many choices. If the hot runs to the fan and then down to the switch, it means no neutral at the switch. If that is the situation I would get out my coveralls and fix the wiring, but that is just me and what I have done.

There is a Hampton Bay ZigBee fan controller. If most of the smarts go into the canopy?????

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There are reports on Reddit of the older versions of these melting. People say the newer versions have the design flaw fixed. They also say it is hard to tell which version you get til you open it. They are not UL certified. People say when the device is live, you need to be around to watch it. Last post I saw on Reddit a guy had two out of the four he bought melt. He threw them all out rather than risk a fire.

I had a WiFi one and just recently pulled it out of my wall. I didnt have any peace of mind after reading multiple reports of them melting. I'd rather pay extra to have a safe product.

Yes, I saw that. It only controls the fan. Unfortunately, it has no provision for the lights. The pictures I have seen of it show it running a fan with no light.

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Yes it does control the lights. It creates two devices in Hubitat. One for the lights, one for the fan.

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Thanks. I didn't know that. I'll check it out. I thought the write-up on it said it was fan only.

Do some research to confirm but it does look like the HB controller is like most remote fan controllers, where the controls for lights and fan are inside the fan canopy.

Do you have a model number and/or source for the Hampton Bay Zigbee controller? So far, I can't find it.

I think that Hampton Bay might be a Home Depot brand. The fan was specifically aimed at Wink hubs. Check out Smartthings forums for information.

Here its is.

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Thanks. I will look for it. It does not seem to be in the stores, just special order.

That is correct. But you can get it delivered for free.