Smart things outlet STS-OUT-US-2 will not pair to C7 ch 21

smart things outlet STS-OUT-US-2 will not pair to C7 on channel 21. It pairs instantly to a C5 hub. It does pair on channel 15 to the C7. Numerous reset make no difference. I'm using Zigbee channel 21. Image is from C5. Is there an issue with the C7 on some zigbee channels?

Did you every get this resolved? I can not pair an iris outlet to my C7 on channel 18. I am able to pair IL07 motion sensors easily, but not the plug. The plug pairs instantly to my C5(ch19) but not the C7.

Not impressed with the C7, yet...

Zigbee from what we have been told is identical in every way between the two. So I am not sure why one would pair and not the other?

Are there any differences between the platform versions of the two hubs in either case?

We have basically been told there is no difference in most of the code. My understanding is the only difference is the additional C7 specific stuff on the Zwave side of things. I am probably greatly simplifying things here with the C3, C4, C5, and now C7. But without seeing the code we can only go by little nuggets like this.

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I gave up and moved to zigbee channel 15. No downside that I can see. But, there is clearly a difference between the C-5 and C-7 zigbee functionality or it would have paired on the the C-7 ch 21 when it was moved from a functioning C-5 ch21.

Yes, I think there is a yet undiscovered zigbee difference/issue. I need to try different zigbee repeaters on my C7. I have a new zigbee 3.0 plug coming, and we'll see what happens

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