Smart switches and power flickers/outages

This might be a stupid question, but at least it's not the first!
I use mostly Caseta switches, but I have a few Zooz and Inovelli (Red dimmers).
They are attached to Smart bulbs and act as buttons only..

Every time there is a power problem it seems that the relay stays disabled but the switch will also not turn on the bulbs (no longer working as a button controller). If I go into the device itself and refresh and manually turn of from with the device tab they work normally again.

What am I missing? Surely this isn't the expected behavior.

I also have them set to turn on after a power loss.

Thanks Also this has been the behavior since I installed them a back when the Red first cam out.

Is this occurring for the Zooz and Reds or just the Reds?

It happens on both.

To go back an answer your initial, it's not intended behavior. I have quite a number of Zooz devices using the smart bulb mode and don't have this issue. Unfortunately...I'm not overly sure what you can try aside from double-checking that the "forced to on" after power failure actually took. I'd definitely recommend the advanced driver if you're not already using it:

I have seen a lot of talk about things of this nature in the Zooz changelogs. It has to do with the Smart bulb mode disabling the relay control (keeping it on). What model Zooz switches do you have and what firmware? Might be able to resolve those by updating if they have fixed it on your model.

I had a Zen 30 lock the fan switch on after an electrician shorted the circuit by accident. Had to replace the switch. If it's a power flicker it could be enough to confuse things. Just a thought. But actual power outages have been no issue.

I''l try that driver.

  • firmwareVersion: 2.7

Let me know what MODEL and Firmware reports after switching to my driver. The built in driver does not format the FW properly so your 2.7 is probably actually 2.07 which is probably an old FW version.

This driver shows more information. The other Zooz driver didn't even show the model.

  • deviceId: 40962
  • deviceModel: ZEN27
  • deviceType: 40960
  • firmwareVersion: 2.7

Do a Configure, the firmware version will probably switch to 2.07, there never was a 2.7 to my knowledge unless its un published.

Check the last bullet on the changelog, you need to contact Zooz and request the firmware update file.

  • Improved power outage behavior in smart bulb mode