Smart Oil Gauge (app and device)

For monitoring your oil tank using Smart Oil Gauge. You must subscribe to the Droplet Fuel monitoring service ($2/month) for the required API access.

This is a modification of nh.schottfam's TankUtility app/driver, which I have been using for some time. Thank you!


Create application and Configure (will ask for your Droplet Fuel client ID and secret)

  • application will create the child devices from the installed device code


I've had the Rocket wireless oil gauge, which is local, and it really works well. I can't see the need for a remote (cloud) gauge, since I don't have a vacation house or anything like that.

I recently bought the TankUtility gauge for a propane tank I'll be getting in the Spring, but I really would also have preferred a local (wireless, non-cloud) gauge.

What are the advantages to tying your monitors into HE? I can see it for a vacation home.

You nailed it, this monitors an oil tank at a second property. We had a scare last year when we nearly ran out of oil during a cold spell.

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Excellent, for sure.

The weird thing for me was that I couldn't find a wireless local propane gauge. Robertshaw apparently made one a few years ago, but the reviews were terrible, and they pulled the product.
My feeling is, who knows how long the server will be supported.

I originally use one made by Rollie, but it eventually lost its mind/config and the data pull was "cloud" based only in the sense that I needed to parse out a webpage.

I'm pleased with this one so far, but totally agree that something local (z-wave would be awesome) would be preferable.

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Hi, I'm looking at the Rocket wireless you posted the link to. Is that a remote read device only with no smart home integration. I'm good with not needing the cloud but I do want to integrate a gauge so I can see it on my dashboards.

Yes. I don't know if they've updated it, but the one I have is not integrated. I have the gauge on the wall in the kitchen. The remote display plugs in. The sender's battery lasts for years.

1 Like has sensors that they say work on 1000 gal propane tanks, via Bluetooth or WiFi apps. I'm not sure if the Bluetooth is direct to phone, not requiring the cloud, but maybe. They also sell a standalone monitor to go along with it. They mention oil tank monitoring on their web page, but don't specify a product in the products list. You might want to contact the company.

If someone is looking for propane monitoring I've using this since Smartthings and now on Hubitat. along with TankUtility monitoring (app and device). Been working great.

This works great, they were very quick to get me setup with the api key. I also had Rollie which never really worked well. Any chance to could report gallons used, I see currently that is showing as a percent of fill.

Thanks for the heads-up, the code actually already pulls the gallons from the API but I neglected to actually add it to the state variables that are displayed. The latest version includes the change:

That was fast, looks great.

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