I have a minoston Wi-Fi outlet that is controlled by Smart-Life and Google Home sees it and operates it. I can't seem to get it in Hubitat. My Google Home has several devices in it but only 4 show up in Hubitat. What can be done?

Hubitat's Google Home integration exposes Hubitat devices to Google Home, not the other way around. (Google wants Google to be the center of your automations and probably can't imagine why you'd want it the other way. :smiley: ) So, I'm not sure what you mean by this, though it would make sense if these were Hubitat devices to start with.

There isn't any elegant solution to this problem that I'm aware of. There have been some attempts to write community Tuya integrations, but I'm not sure if any are currently supported. If you're able to flash the device to Tasmota, there may be more options (and you'll get local control). Someone may know more about both of these than me.

If you have Home Assistant and it works with their Tuya integration, you could also use one of the community options to get a Home Assistant device into Hubitat. You could probably also create Google automations using virtual devices on Hubitat to at least make the device controllable from Hubitat, even if the state wouldn't sync back (or create the automation on the Google side and use something from Hubitat exposed to Google to "trigger" it). All depends on what you really want out of it.

But nothing quite as easy as something that is natively compatible. :smiley:


Got several tuya supported devices going up and more being added all the time:

If your device isn't supported now, it might be added easily. The app owner is very responsive and has been working with individual users on their unique devices because tuya/smart life is.....vast.

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Another option is to get an echo dot then have Alexa monitor that status of a virtual switch. So you turn on the virtual switch and Alexa turns on the device.

Hubitat is designed to work primarily with Zigbee and Z-wave devices. Tuya does have some Zigbee 3.0 certified devices and device drivers have been written to support some of these devices.

There are very few WiFi protocol devices that work well with Hubitat. The hub is specifically designed to be able to function without a connection to the Internet. There are some integrations for devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, but they work best if the devices are connected directly to Hubitat. You can use virtual devices to interchange information between Alexa or Google and Hubitat for devices connected directly to this voice assistants, but I have generally found it to be more trouble than it is worth.

Thus, if you want Hubitat to be the primary control center, try to get Zigbee and Z-wave devices.

Check the link below for a community developed integration.