[RELEASE]Minoston Power Switch

[RELEASE]Minoston Power Switch
Minoston Power Switch


Driver Capabilities

  • Power Meter
  • Energy Meter
  • Voltage Measurement
  • Current Meter
  • Refresh
  • Health Check
  • Configuration

Configurable Options

  • LED Indicator Mode("0":"On When On", "1":"Off When On", "2":"Always Off", "3":"Always On")
  • Auto Turn-Off Timer(0,Disabled; 1 - 65535 minutes)
  • Auto Turn-On Timer(0,Disabled; 1 - 65535 minutes)
  • Power Failure Recovery("0":"Remember last status", "1":"Turn Off", "2":"Turn On")
  • Power Report Value Change(0 - 5:0W - 5w, defualt:1)
  • Power Reporting Interval(1 - 65535:1 - 65535 minutes, defualt:1)
  • Current Report Value Change(1 - 10:0.1A - 1A, defualt:1)
  • Electricity Report Value Change(1 - 100:0.01KWH - 1KWH, defualt:1)


  • Standardized device data: FirmwareVersion, ProtocolVersion,Configurable



  • Initial Release

Nice! I have to give it a try this weekend, but this means I can stop working on my own driver for it! Any chance you have played with their outdoor plug?

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Of course, when I started writing this driver, I already got the relevant equipment.

I used this driver and it worked like a charm. Until i realized the power reporting interval was off the charts in the logs. Is there a way to slow up the reporting interval? Any help would be much appreciated.

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