Smart door closer - not lock?

My husband always walks through the door to the kitchen leaving it open to the room I use my computer in, which either makes it draughty or creates glare on my monitor. Usually I yell "shut the door" but I wondered if there was anything electronic and smart-enabled that I could do it with. Sometimes I want the door open so I don't want just a standard automatic door closer, but something I can control from my seat.

It's a standard internal hinged door. I thought of trying one of those things that pulls down a blind using a bobble-cord but I need it to open freely and the switchbot blind puller grips it so you'd have to activate it to free up the cord before opening the door.

I've never seen one for home use or HA use. I think a standard closer with a release would work for manual. (open the release when you want the door to stay open)

No I don't want it closing itself at all. Only under human control. I am wracking my brains to see if I can think of something. Another way of doing it would be if some device could give it a shove hard enough to close it most of the way. I don't need it firmly shut.

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I don't have one, but you may have to look at something like this.

I was thinking the same thing. You could use a magnetic lock to hold door open combined with a self-closing hinge but that only gets you one direction. Interesting challenge. All of the options that I can think of that might work would be $$$$$, look terrible, or both.

We trained our dog to "close door" but that requires lots of treats :slightly_smiling_face:

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We have access-controlled doors where I work that open when a card reader is tapped, then close after a short period of time.

So that kind of door opener/closer does exist, but might look out of place in a home attached to an interior door (as opposed to the hospital where I work). And they probably aren’t cheap.

Only need a bit of a light shove really. The sort of thing a switchbot switch presser could handle if it had a longer arm! Or the switchbot blind opener if it had a "disengage gear" action. I could rig up a mechanical device consisting of a bit of string fixed to top corner of the door, guided through an eye on the door frame, then through an eye on my wall cupboard above my desk and hanging down near me. I just wanted something neater lol.

The machinery looks acceptable, but it appears to be hard coded to close the door anyway after 30 seconds max. If it was more flexible it would be good

Please check this toy:

It is expensive but does a very nice job.
I fully automated my apartment door.
You will need one dry contact relay and few rules to control it.

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I see they don't like actually giving the price - click "Pricing" and it gives you a phone number for enquiries :smiley: But that's the sort of thing I had in mind, minus the striker release. I am surprised Switchbot's not got in on something like that yet.

They are asking around $2000 for the setup with Door Strike, 12V wired MS and RF Remote.
I negotiated my unit for under $1000 with Door Strike (refurbished but this is OK with me).
You will need a Door Strike if you want to have a complete door open/close automation.
This is only one device with a clutch. Clutch makes it very easy for manual door open/close.
operation. There is virtually no any extra mechanical force unlike devices without clutch.
The control is very simple with single dry contact relay and few HE rules.
With a right timing between control pulses (easy to do with HE) you can even partially
open/close door and keep door open forever. The unit even has a 12V backup battery.
But I removed this battery and powered unit with external 12V PS.

What is the angle between door when fully opened and fully closed? 90 degrees? 180 degrees? Somewhere in between?

About 95 max as it hits the fridge. Usually we just shove or kick it closed. Something that could extend a rod would do it. I have to say I'm not up for the prices of the commercial "mobility" aids I have seen so far.

Just an idea.
Since you are looking only for automated door closing and you want it to be very cheap
(this is very welcome) you can try simple mechanical door closer something like this:

plus electro magnet to keep/hold it open like this:

For the automation use a dry contact relay paired with HE and simple rule for de-energising
electro magnet when you want to close door.

May not be easy to find a right place for mounting electro magnet and door open
position will be always fixed.

So.... the door closer will be trying to force it closed permanently, but the magnet will overcome the door closer when powered, which I can do automatically? Is that the idea?

You could probable even use spring hinges in lieu of an actual door closer, then the magnet (or whatever holds it open) wouldn't need to be that big of a deal. I had one of those 600-lb electromagnets on my last house that we used as our actual lock. It would definitely be overkill if you just need some sort of controllable door stop.

Yes, you got it right.
And if you add a Door Sensor you can energized electro magnet as soon
as door is opened. Plus you always can add some sort of scheduling, etc
when to energized the magnet, For instance, not to energized magnet overnight.

The logic is sound. Not sure if I can work out where to fix the magnet to hold it open. Maybe on the side of the fridge.

Unfortunately in your case mounting a magnet is a challenge.
Please keep in mind, magnet needs a very solid foundation.
Fridge may or may not do the job. Plus (or minus) you don't
want to drill a holes in a fridge. Maybe metal (steel) bracket
will help.