Smart button recommendation

Hi all,

I want to purchse a zigbee 3 button to make scenes in each room so when pressed, a few things will run automatically.
Can someone recommend a good button that has a driver ready? Preferably tuya from Aliexpress.


I have both the THIRDREALITY and Sonoff SNZB-01P button controllers. They both paired with hub and I have not had any issues with either button controller. Very different form factors. The Sonoff is very thick in my opinion due to their battery choice.

Neither is from AliExpress. I have not had good luck with items purchased from AliExpress.

I use the Aeotec WallMote Quad that is supported by Hubitat. It's a 4 button, maybe more than you need. And expensive. But I like it.

Most of the Zigbee buttons that can be found on AliExpress are supported in this custom driver.

I would recommend to look at Ikea buttons as well - after the latest firmware updates all are working in Hubitat (this and this driver)

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I been using this .. they seem to work well with stock driver.
ZigBee Wireless Remote Control Smart Switch Wall Panel Transmitter

Most of the Tuya scene switches model TS0044 will work fine with the stock driver.
Some TS0044 models will not, and will require the custom driver (as for the TS004F models).
The problem is, that there is no way to know in advance what model you will receive, they all look exactly the same. And one and the same seller (doesn't matter if on AliExpres or on the US Amazon) will sell different models / different manufacturers devices labeled one the same way (MOES or MoesGo or Zemismart or you name it..)

In all the cases, try the inbuilt diver first and if it doesn't work you can try the custom one.

Thabk you all.
I purchased a few Sonoff as they have a built in driver and many users are happy with them.

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I'll second the SNZB-01P. I just fired one up yesterday, and it appears to be performing great.

The form factor doesn't bother me too much. Yes, it's thick, but I appreciate that the footprint isn't any larger than it needs to be to cover that beefy CR2477, and if the battery life is measured in years, then I can live with it.

My only issue was it wouldn't send 'action' packets at first. It paired and re-paired easily, but just wouldn't send the presses. I re-paired directly in front of the hub, away from the hub, changed drivers, holding one leg up, etc, and after about the 3rd or 4th re-pair, it finally started sending presses, and has been fine since. My -02P temp sensors did the same thing, so it wasn't terribly surprising, and it could be something I'm doing on my end.

YIKES! I just looked at the price for the SNZB-01P, $12. And I paid $67 for my 4 button WallMote. :frowning:

Between the shipping cost and ex-China travel time, I only needed one, but bought two. Figured that the worst case, ~$30 all-in was cheap if it worked, and it appears to be doing so. If I need another one, it’s basically free.

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